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10 Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest: A Beginner's Guide!

BY The WMG Bride | 16 Aug, 2015 | 1852 views | 4 min read

Weddings don't just mean sexy outfits, flirting with boys and partying all night long in your designer lehenga. If you're a wedding guest, you've got responsibilities my friend and they are all about maintaining a balance and winning the appreciation of the bride and the groom and their families. Save that drunken debauchery for another day and enjoy the wedding without being a pain in the ass. We'll tell you how to be the perfect wedding guest at any wedding! 2-VOGUE WEDDING SHOW 2015_PHOTOGRAPHED BY ERRIKOS ANDREOU FOR VOGUE INDIA_2

Picture courtesy: Vogue Wedding Show; vogue.in

1. RSVP well  

These days invites are just not physical ones - we have e-mail RSVPs and apps that really connect us through our social networks etc. So first, reply in a polite way and congratulate the couple and make note of save-the-dates and other important days so you could plan them well. Never keep asking for dates and details without checking the invite first! Do let the hosts know before hand that you are not available, if you are not available. Never promise and not turn up!

2. Don't bring your friends / boyfriend / family without checking first 

okay, this one is pretty basic. You have your cousin visiting or a new boyfriend, don't just invite them to the wedding without checking first. Yes, Indian weddings are not that strict about numbers but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Anyone extra has to be explained. Don't just assume that your hosts will be ok. 044-Wedding_bride_delhi00036

DotDusk Studios★ 4.9

3. Don't put out stuff on social media without checking 

#hashtags and social media mentions that happen before and during the wedding, don't put up any unless you are asked to. Never put up intimate details or stupid jokes - they will only make you look crass.

4. Be selfie-conscious

Taking selfies is the new black but don't overburden the bride and  the groom with your selfie love. Getting into their dressing room or personal details just to get a good selfie is not OK. 015-Wedding_bride_delhi00003

DotDusk Studios★ 4.9

5. Be a good gifter 

This one's super tough but you'll remembered if you play it right. Don't gift just about anything - gift the couple what you'd like to receive. It's never about the cost, more about the effort and the thought that's put into it. So order customized things and make sure you are a step ahead of what they need!

6. Know what to wear 

Most of us know how to dress up in our finest for weddings but really, stop and think about these 3 things before you go to a wedding. Are you wearing too much jewellery or wearing a bridal-ish lehenga? It's a big no-no to upstage the bride. At the same time, don't wear something that's vulgar or show way too much skin. Show as much as it is allowed tastefully. Keep bling to a minimum. Also be mindful of what might upset the bride - don't wear white or black, some people might just get offended. 37-archana-wedding

The Lightsmiths★ 5

7. Never come intentionally late for the wedding

It's good to be early - you can help out the bride or have a word with them before the ceremony. Whatever it is, just make sure you stick to timings, even if people are all about Indian-time.

8. Do drinking well

Drink all you want, but throwing up at the banquet. Umm not cool. 53-VF Wedding Candid-247

The Wedding Salad★ 4.9

9. Talk about the bride/groom without embarrassing her/ him 

Remember those old times with the groom/bride but don't bring up negative or embarrassing topics and make them uncomfortable before their extended family and colleagues. You might be close to them but this is not the time to show off your friendship.

10. Stop being a complainer 

The food is blah, the wedding lehenga a tad blingy or the groom a little short - this is not the time to show off your negative side. Every wedding has its pros and cons but no one needs to hear it from you in loud tones right on the wedding day. Be a friend, not a complainer! Have more ideas about being the perfect wedding guest? Tell us in the comments section! 
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