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10 things to remember at your first bridal fitting

BY The WMG Bride | 07 Apr, 2015 | 930 views | 4 min read

You can barely contain your excitement, today's the day you get to go and try on your bridal outfit for the first time . Eeeeeeeee !!! We get it, its exciting girls - but make sure you check these minor details on that day to avoid surprises later on

Photos by Weddings by Devang Singh/ From Red Carpet bride at Ensemble

1. Wear the same shapewear you plan to wear on the wedding day: Lingerie and shapewear is IMPORTANT. If you plan to wear a particular piece on your wedding day- make sure you wear that when you try on your blouse. You never know how well a blouse sits on top of maybe a lacy bra , or a padded bra - so keep those things in mind. Ideally, just get the blouse made with cups attached.   2. For brides wearing lehengas - The dori should act just to tighten the lehenga, not to hold it up: The lehenga you wear should come with hooks which, when fastened can hold your lehenga in place without it slipping down. The dori - or string should just be used to tighten it . If your lehenga is slipping without tieing the dori you need to tell the tailor to tighten it - strings are mere accessories and should not be relied upon to hold such a heavy piece in place.   3. Check zips on blouses- ALWAYS : One thing notorious amongst designers- the zips tend to fail all the time . You don't want to be sitting on the day of your wedding with the zip refusing to go up. Make sure you bring it up and down to be extra sure.   4. Dont wear lipstick or heavy foundation while going for your fitting: Its happened before- your lipstick or gloss gets swiped on the blouse when you try it on and the last thing you want is your bridal outfit getting stained before you even wear it.   5. Sit in your outfit: A large part of Indian weddings will require you to either sit on a sofa, on the floor etc. You should sit once to figure out how your outfit fits . Does the lehenga make your stomach bulk up into tyres - you may want to loosen it a bit, does it sit too tight around the hips - you may find it difficult to sit at all   6. Your final fitting should be no longer than about a month before the big day: You don't want to get fitted too early- brides tend to either lose or gain weight closer to the wedding because of all the stress. Arpita a WMG reader and recent bride says " I wore a strapless gown on my engagement, and while it fit fine when I tried it on, on the actual day it kept slipping down because I lost a ton of weight without realising".   7. Try on your outfit with the shoes you bought: You bought in four inch heels and now you feel like your outfit is wayy too short, or maybe its sweeping the floor? Bring your shoes along the day of the first fitting and check that the height is correct   8.  Take Photos: Click a bunch of photos with you in your wedding outfit. That should help piece together the final look for you- What side you want to wear your jhoomer, How you want to drape your dupatta, Will the waist belt be a bit too much?   9. Don't do your fitting right before or during your period: Our bodies bloat during and right before periods, and while this can seem inconsequential, when fitting for blouses it can make a huge difference   10. Do the dupatta weight test: Planning on wearing a dupatta on your head? Do the test. Fold the dupatta into a square  (2 ft by 2 ft) and just place it as is on your head . THAT is approximately the amount of weight your head would carry- if you feel your head weighing down, you need to get a lighter veil for the head. You do NOT want to be crouched under a ton of weight on your head on your wedding day
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