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Bridal Beauty Journey: All That You Need To Know About Full-body Laser

BY Sakshi | 15 May, 2024 | 940 views | 4 min read

When you’re all set to play bride, you start crossing a maze of excitedly scribbled to-dos from that laundry list you’ve compiled. There’s one to-do, however, that you want to leave to the very end – so it is closest to your big day – and that’s body-hair removal. No matter which side of the ‘I-am-not-doing-it-for-them’ line you are, this is one beauty essential you invariably want – call it a life-ritual, a feel-good necessity or an eye-and-body-pleasure optimiser, but fact is, it's a ritual we all indulge in, often before a big event.

The good news is that you don’t need to leave it to the penultimate day or week, you could do it now. And you could have that unmistakably clean, soft (tactile pleasure is the best) and begin-a-new-life feeling with your full body hair reduction done without the mess, the pain and the endless bother one associates with hair-removal. 

Thank god for science, which brings to you the option of a state-of-the-art hair reduction procedure in VLCC Full Body Laser. The biggest upside of choosing this before your big day is that it is miles ahead of most older hair removal processes, which felt like someone’s taken shears to your skin, or like using Velcro to rip it all off.  

We studied the VLCC Full Body Laser process, and have discovered sound beauty science at its core, and ably trained professionals ensuring all the ‘I’s are dotted and ‘t’s are crossed. So if you’re a bride-to-be, this is one beauty procedure you may like to move up your beauty to-do list. Here are three really good reasons why: 

  • It's Painless!

VLCC uses ChillTip technology to effectively ‘cool’ the micro-zones where you have hair follicles before the laser gets in and does its job. What it means is that those tiny skin areas are numbed and you don’t feel a thing. No girl likes the pain that comes with hair removal, even if she does have a high pain threshold.

  • Long-lasting Hair-free Skin (feels like forever) 

The laser procedure attacks the roots of the hair follicles, disintegrating them and not only clearing the growth but also retarding any future hair growth where you don’t need it. This is why we suggested not leaving it (hair removal) to just before the big-day or the wedding week, as the VLCC Laser assures you lasting smoothness that will stay for long after the event. 

  • VLCC Full Body Laser Promises Full Body Safety 

Since the laser procedure at VLCC follows a careful process to the T, from patch testing to use of certified laser technology handled by highly trained experts, you can set your fears at rest and know you’re in good hands. The fact that it is FDA-certified assures us too of the soundness of the science at use.

You Need It Now, Not Later

Let’s face it, not all girls have the same degree of body hair. This could mean that you may have to go in for more than one session to look and feel the way you want – all smooth and ‘clean’. So, leaving it to the very end may not be the best idea. It is suggested to go for it as early as possible, not later than one month before the bridal-do (although if you can’t, you can’t). 

Do remember the wedding day is the climax of a series of smaller events and fun-parties too, and you’d be kicking yourself if you’re not able to slip into your favourite new dresses just because of body hair!

Not just for brides!

For grooms surely, a full-body hair reduction service is not just a public need, but also tells your betrothed that you care, and you made that effort for your special moments of intimacy, for yourself and for your chosen one. It's a personal choice, but one that's available for men too nowadays. 

VLCC is a pioneer in skincare, beauty, and wellness services. With 310 locations across 11 countries, it's a trusted brand for holistic beauty solutions delivered by science. With over 10M people treated and 33 years of legacy, you can rest assured that you are in good hands as you get wedding-ready!

If you are interested in booking an appointment for any of these services or even want to know more, simply get in touch here!

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