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Check For These Things at your Makeup Trial: Do's & Don'ts

BY The WMG Bride | 23 Jan, 2016 | 789 views | 4 min read



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So we get it, you don't want to look like a plastic doll on your big day and have arranged for a convenient little trial with your makeup artist. But once the trial is in place, how do you really know if it flatters you or not? We put together a cheat sheet to get you through these terribly confusing times (because honestly, we know you have a lot on your plater girl).

  • Do check if your face and neck are the same color in your phone photo

Half the battle of being a beautiful bride is about ensuring your skin is natural, luminiscent and flawless. This means your face should not look whiter than it is and your neck and face should be the same color.

  • Do check if the Makeup Artist enquires about your skin

A big part about base makeup is ensuring the right products for the right type of skin. Using a dry compact based foundation on dry skin is a terrible idea, and your  makeup artist should care about these things enough to ask you before hand and customise accordingly.

  • Do ask your makeup artist about different hair do ideas, extensions & accessories

Apart from the actual execution, your MUA should be able to help you out when it comes to styling and hair do ideas, draping styles and whether you need extensions. Also, ask whether these are included in the cost or as an additional charge.

  • Do Wear the same color as your lehenga to the trial

If you have opted for a gorgeous bright orange lehenga, why don't you go wearing a bright orange t -shirt to the trial, so you can then see if the makeup works for you against that color. It's a neat hack to get as close to the real deal before the big day

  • Do Bring reference photos

Telling someone you want a messy bun, or a deep smokey eye is a bit vague. Instead, showing them the sort of look you want may be a better idea.

  • Do check if your eyes water with false lashes or heavy mascara

One of the most common things that happens- is eyes turning red and itchy with a particular brand of falsies or a certain kind of mascara. You need to ensure about these things before hand at your trial so you aren't lost on the big day. Infact, always carry your fav mascara & kohl with you just in case the MUA's doesn't work out.

  • Do pay attention to your cheekbones

The right use of makeup can pop those cheekbones and make them glow and more important than all the fancy eye makeup is really your face and cheeks so pay attention.

  • Don't let a Makeup artist hijack your dream look

While they are experts and you should trust their judgement, if you really are a minimal base girl, don't let anyone talk you out of it. You need to also judge how receptive the makeup artist is at the trial.

  • Don't judge under fluorescent lighting

Even the prettiest makeup can look terrible under harsh bright white lighting. Go out in the daylight and adjust your makeup. Also, make the artist understand whether it's a day-time affair or night-time so she can change the looks accordingly.

  • Don't schedule your trial more than 3 months away from your big day

Brides are fickle, they change their minds and you don't want a trial which you end up changing and toying with on the big day. Give it 2-3 months to go and you should be sorted.

  • Don't take your makeup off after the trial immediately

A large part of checking a trial is ensuring your makeup lasts the entire day. Don't hurry to take off your makeup. Instead, wait for about 4-5 hours and see how the makeup holds over time.

Confused between Airbrush & a Regular bridal makeup? Book your makeup artist today to know which makeup would suit you the best!

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