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Mangalsutra Designs For A South Indian Bride

BY Meenu | 08 Oct, 2020 | 17392 views | 4 min read

India is a beautiful country, with myriad cultures and celebrations. It is also a country where marriages are celebrated in so many different ways! A pure delight to witness, any Indian marriage runs high on fun, emotion and loads of merriment. And among it all, the most important aspect of any Hindu marriage is the tying of the mangalsutra. So, just like everything else, this moment has a million ways it is observed in different parts of the country. Now, there are many different types of mangalsutras that the contemporary brides are trying these days - from ring mangalsutras to bracelet ones. But there are still those who go the traditional way! 

Now, if you are a South Indian bride, who wishes to opt for a traditional mangalsutra, we've collated some of the best designs for you to bookmark! 

Image Via: 1plus1studio

Let us check out some of these beautiful traditional Mangalsutra designs from South India. Each state, each community has its own emotion with the Mangalsutra.  Every Mangalsutra from South India has something special. They have symbols of the gods the communities worship and so on.

Image Via: Dilipan Photography

In general most communities in the South have the Mangalsutra connected to a yellow thread. This yellow thread is tied to the bride on that auspisious moment called the Muhurtham. Before literally tying the “knot” the Mangalsurtra is placed on a bed of flowers, over a coconut and is passed around to the wedding guests who pray and bless the Mangalsutra.

Image Via: Moments By AA

In Tamil Nadu, the thaali/mangalsutra is symbolic with each sect of people. You can see here the Iyer Thaali or Tirumangalyalam which has the Tulsi tree motif. Some also have a Lord Shiva motif. An Iyengar thaali  has a representation of Lord Vishnu.

Image Via: Candid Red Studios

This unique Thaali is the Nattukotai Chettiar Thaali. See how different it is. If you look close the bride has another gold and diamond thaali.

Image Via: B3Bridal Studio

In many Tamil communities after the wedding on a special day, the thaali is taken from the yellow thread and added to a heavy gold chain. The gold chain has add ons like corals, coins and gold beads.

Image Via: Backlight Studios

Some communities give the gold chain to the bride on the day of the engagement to be worn from then while some groups of people prefer a direct gold chain thaali in place of the yellow thread on the wedding day.

Image Via: Moments By AA

In Kerala most communities have a very delicate thaali  shaped like a leaf. In some it is known as the Ela thaali  or thaali  shaped like a leaf. Some of them customize this further with diamonds, their husband’s initials and all that.  There was this gorgeous Ruby Ela thaali  that I saw, which was replicated on a ruby Ela thaali  that was given 40 years ago. (Wish I had a pic to share you guys!!)

Image Via: Whiteline Photography

This thaali  also is either hooked to a gold chain and put on the bride’s neck or sometimes tied with the sacred yellow thread.  A delicate ela thaali  studded with small diamonds is so pretty!!

Image Via: Pinterest

In Andhra/Telengana and Karnataka the thaali  or the Mangalsutra looks quite similar. It is a circular disc that represents goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva. This is either added to a gold chain or the black beads mixed with gold beads chain. There are so many options based on personal tastes and of course each community.. In many Telugu communities one of these discs comes from the bride’s side and one from the groom’s side.

Image Via: Pinterest

Even though girls do not wear the Mangalsutra every day, designer Mangalsutras or miniature Mangalsutras can surely make you wear it more. Instead of adding a multitude of coins and beads, try a sleek diamond mangalsutra/thaali  over a delicate gold chain or even a white gold chain. Designer mangalsutras are definitely a thing based on how you want it. So let us know what does your Thaali  look like!!


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