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Most Auspicious Muslim Marriage Dates In 2021

BY Anupriya | 24 Feb, 2021 | 39233 views | 3 min read

After witnessing gazillions of weddings get postponed in the year gone by, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see 2021 all packed with auspicious wedding dates. Especially now when the vaccine has rolled out & the cases have dramatically declined, couples wouldn’t wait for another lockdown to ruin their plans. And so shouldn’t we! Hence, being the ultimate wedding guide, we decided to lay down the 2021 Islamic calendar for all the Muslim brides and grooms looking for auspicious dates to get married on.

Image via @shayank.sherwani

Muslim weddings, as we have all seen, are a mix-platter of opulence, flamboyance and sophistication. Whether it’s their fun Mayon rituals, the regally stunning nikkah, or the show-stopping Walimah, each ceremony has something unique to offer. And to make sure we get an unending dose of it this year as well, the Hijri calendar for 2021 weddings had to be on our hit list!

Image via @palwashaaminhas

If you’re one of those brides/grooms who has been waiting to say Qubool Hai to your beloved for quite some time, the 2021 calendar with Islamic holidays might just help you finally settle on a date!

Islamic Calendar 2021: Hijri/Islamic/Arabic Calendar (1442-1443 AH)

Gregorian Date Gregorian Day Holidays Hijri/Islamic Date (1442-1443 AH)
24-25 February 2021 Wednesday- Thursday Birthday of ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib 12-13 Rajab, 1442 AH
11 March 2021 Thursday Laylat al-Mi'raj (Israk Mikraj) 27 Rajab 1442 AH
28 March 2021 Sunday Laylat al-Bara'at 15 Sha‘bān 1442 AH
13 April 2021 Tuesday First day of Ramaḍān 1 Ramadan 1442 AH
29 April 2021 Thursday Nuzul-al Qur'an 17 Ramadan 1442 AH
Between 1 & 11 May 2021 Saturday - Tuesday Laylat al-Qadr 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, or 29 Ramaḍān 1442 AH
12 May 2021 Wednesday Chaand Raat 29 or 30 Ramaḍān 1442 AH
13 May 2021 Thursday Eid al-Fitr 1 Shawwal 1442 AH
18–23 July 2021 Sunday - Friday Hajj 8–13 Dhū al-Ḥijja 1442 AH
19 July 2021 Monday Day of Arafah 9 Dhul-Hijjah 1442 AH
20 July 2021 Tuesday Eid al-Adha 10 Dhul-Hijjah 1442 AH
21 July 2021 Wednesday Days of Tashriq 11, 12, 13 Dhul-Hijjah 1442 AH
28 July 2021 Wednesday Eid al-Ghadeer 18 Dhū al-Ḥijja 1442 AH
03 August 2021 Tuesday Eid al-Mubahalah 24 Dhū al-Ḥijja 1442 AH
09 August 2021 Monday Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1443 AH
10 August 2021 Tuesday Start of Muharram 1 Muharram 1443 AH
18 August 2021 Wednesday Fasting Ashura 10 Muharram 1443 AH
27 September 2021 Monday Arba'een 20 or 21 Ṣafar 1443 AH
15 October 2021 Friday Eid-e-Shuja' (Eid-e-Zahra) 9 Rabī‘ al-Awwal 1443 AH
18-19 October 2021 (Sunni) 23 October 2021 (Shia) Monday/Tuesday Saturday Mawlid an-Nabī (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday) 12 Rabi' al-Awwal 1443 AH 17 Rabī‘ al-Awwal 1443 AH

*Note: As stated by Astrocamp, Personal  events like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries can also be planned accordingly with the help of the Islamic Calendar 2021.

While there are no set dates for islamic weddings and a couple is allowed get married at all times, there are some days on which marriage is not recommended based on ahadith & other historical & cultural reasons. One of which is Muharram (10th Aug 2021-7 Sept 2021 )! It’s a widespread belief that it is makrooh to get married in the month of Muharram since those days are commemorated by the muslims as days of mourning. Other than that, it is also considered inauspicious to get married during ramadan (which starts from 12 April 2021 and ends on 12 May 2021).However, a lot of muslim couples are putting aside the age-old inhibitions & reinstating their faith in the belief that all days belong to the Allah.

Well, that was that! We hope this curation helps you finalise on your lucky date & embark on your happily ever after!

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