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Hidden Gems: Palace Wedding Venues In India You May Not Have Heard Of Before!

BY Apoorva | 21 Jun, 2024 | 4554 views | 6 min read

A palace wedding venue is the ultimate dream for many couples who are planning their wedding. To have your first ‘just married’ shots with a backdrop of the palace hotel, to have a fun destination wedding or have your foreign guests experience the beauty and culture of India through this venue. While destinations like Udaipur's Lake Palace and Jaipur's City Palace are well-known, there are lesser-known palatial venues that are equally mesmerizing, yet remain hidden gems. These off-the-beaten-path locations promise a fairy-tale setting for your special day, surrounded by history, grandeur, and breathtaking beauty. Which is why we scoured and brought you the most stunning and secluded palace wedding venues in India that you may not have heard of before, perfect for creating unforgettable memories.

Image via Swati and Kamlesh

Chomu Palace Hotel

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Rajasthan, Chomu Palace Hotel stands as a testament to the grandeur of India's royal past. This 300-year-old fortified palace, meticulously restored and converted into a luxurious hotel, offers an enchanting backdrop for weddings. Imagine exchanging vows in opulent surroundings, where every corner tells a story of bygone eras. For couples seeking a wedding venue that exudes timeless charm and grandeur, Chomu Palace Hotel in Jaipur is the perfect choice to make your special day truly unforgettable.

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Samode Palace

With its ornate frescoes, grand courtyards, and stunning views, Samode Palace provides a majestic atmosphere for an unforgettable celebration. Perched amidst the Aravalli hills, Samode Palace is a splendid blend of Indo-Saracenic architecture and rich heritage. This exquisite 475-year-old palace, now a luxury hotel, offers an idyllic setting for a royal wedding. Perfect for couples seeking a blend of historical grandeur and romantic elegance, Samode Palace in Jaipur promises a wedding experience like no other.

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Noormahal Palace

Noormahal Palace in Karnal offers a distinctive venue for weddings, combining Mughal and Rajput architectural styles. This modern-day palace, inspired by India's royal heritage, features elegant halls, lush gardens, and intricate decor. Ideal for couples looking for a blend of tradition and modernity, Noormahal Palace provides a charming setting for a memorable wedding celebration.

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The Ummed Jodhpur

Photo By The Ummed Jodhpur - Venues

The Ummed Jodhpur stands as an emblem of opulence and magnificence, making it an ideal wedding venue in India. Set against the backdrop of Jodhpur's majestic Mehrangarh Fort, this luxurious property offers a blend of traditional Rajasthani architecture and modern amenities. Its sprawling gardens, intricately designed banquet halls, and stunning courtyards provide an enchanting setting for couples to exchange vows. From exquisite decor to delectable cuisine, every aspect is meticulously crafted to create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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Jaibagh Palace

Jaibagh Palace, nestled in the serene hills of Kukas near Amer, offers a majestic and picturesque setting for weddings. This heritage property blends regal charm with modern luxury, featuring grand architecture, lush gardens, and panoramic views of the Aravalli hills. With its opulent interiors, spacious banquet halls, and impeccable service, Jaibagh Palace is such a great pick for a palace wedding venue!

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The Fort Ramgarh

The Fort Ramgarh, steeped in over 350 years of history, is a stunning wedding venue located near Chandigarh. This heritage fort exudes timeless elegance with its intricate architecture, antique decor, and expansive courtyards. Offering a blend of traditional charm and modern amenities, The Fort Ramgarh provides a regal setting for unforgettable wedding celebrations, complete with royal hospitality and enchanting ambiance.

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Ajit Bhawan, Rajasthan

Imagine exchanging vows under the open sky, with the magnificent domed palace of Ajit Bhawan as your witness. Their impeccable hospitality and meticulous attention to detail will ensure every aspect of your special day is flawlessly executed. From exquisite culinary delights to luxurious accommodations, Ajit Bhawan spares no effort in creating a memorable experience. Let your love story unfold amidst the timeless elegance of Ajit Bhawan.

Alila Fort Bishangarh, Rajasthan

Alila Fort Bishangarh, a beautifully restored 200-year-old fort in Rajasthan, offers a unique wedding venue with a blend of historic charm and modern luxury. The property features a range of lawns and indoor spaces, the largest accommodating over 300 guests. Venues like the historic Darbar Hall, once a soldiers' canteen, and the Kachchawa Deck & Lounge, where nobles discussed state matters, provide a distinctive backdrop for your celebration. With 59 luxurious rooms, Alila Fort Bishangarh promises an unforgettable wedding experience immersed in history and elegance.

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Jagat Singh Palace, Pushkar

Jagat Palace in Pushkar offers a splendid setting for weddings, combining Rajasthani heritage with modern comfort. Surrounded by the lush hills, this palace boasts grand architecture, beautifully decorated interiors, and lush gardens. With its luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining options, and attentive service, Jagat Palace ensures a memorable and regal wedding experience.

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Raas Devigarh, Rajasthan

Located just outside Udaipur, this 18th-century fort palace is an idyllic setting for a colourful, intimate wedding. Picture marigold-strewn staircases, vibrant canopies, elegant arches, and turrets, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Aravallis. The palace features 39 chic suites that complement its grand architecture and Marwari cavalry murals adorning the common areas. With lawns that can host up to 300 guests, it offers the perfect blend of historic charm and modern luxury for an unforgettable celebration.

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The Kumbha Bagh, Kumbhalgarh

Step into a fairy tale wedding at The Kumbha Bagh in Kumbhalgarh! Picture taking your pheras surrounded by the grandeur of Rajasthan's history and the beauty of the Aravalli Range. This venue offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern comfort, ensuring your special day is nothing short of magical. Get ready for a royal celebration filled with unforgettable moments against a backdrop of regal architecture and lush gardens.

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Alsisar Mahal, Jhunjhunu

This historic gem in Rajasthan is not just a venue; it's a dreamy setting for your big day. With its grand architecture and magical atmosphere, Alsisar Palace promises to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Get ready to celebrate amidst royal splendour and create unforgettable memories in this captivating palace venue.

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Tijara Fort Palace, Alwar

Imagine exchanging vows in the regal surroundings of a historic fort, surrounded by panoramic views of lush landscapes. Tijara Fort Palace invites you to immerse yourselves in the grandeur of Rajasthan while creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Hotel Nahargarh, Ranthambore

With impeccable service and attention to detail, Hotel Nahargarh ensures that every wedding is a grand affair, blending modern amenities with traditional Rajasthani hospitality. Whether it's a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, this majestic venue promises an unforgettable experience for couples and their guests.

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Lakshman Sagar Heritage Resort, Rajasthan

image_0Photo Courtesy: www.gqindia.com

Since Udaipur and Jaipur are so overdone, we thought we'd tell you more about Rajasthan’s most unvisited area, Pali- nestled between Jodhpur and the Aravalli hills. This restored hunting lodge even has a stunning pool cut out from a flat rock! It has courtyard fountains, telescopes for stargazing and even 12 villas! Stuff dreams are made of right?

Find out more about it here.

If you want to find out more about palace venues and resorts, check out our exclusive palace venues WMG gallery now!

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