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Real Brides Reveal – Should You Invest In Real Jewellery Or Imitation Pieces?

BY Apoorva | 05 May, 2021 | 14829 views | 4 min read

Real or costume? Which jewellery should you invest in? These questions have plagued brides since a long time now. But gone are the days where imitation jewellery was just limited to tacky plastic style jewellery. We have stunning jewellery designers and labels that will give you a run for your money. Along with that we have gorgeous modern designs coming from traditional gold & diamond jewellers that you will love. So what should a bride pick? We asked our real brides on what they would do and this is what they had to dish!

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Priyanka says

Very honestly there is no right answer to your question. It all depends on your budget, personality and availability of resources if you ask me. If you have a small budget, imitation is always better. But if you are someone who wears gold/diamonds regularly then real jewellery is better as you will use it. So depending on your situation, take a pick.

Lavanya says

I would always always vote for real jewellery. I see a lot of girls cribbing that why would you want gold and diamond sets when they will just be stuck in your bank locker? Don’t buy such jewellery then. I bought three small neck pieces for my wedding and wore them in layers. Did not buy heavy jhumkas, but smaller earrings and then added a wow factor with pearl earchains. You have to buy your jewellery smartly – whether real or fake. I would say your wedding is the only time where you are actually inclined to buy a ton of jewellery and that can be a major investment for your future so buy the real jewellery plus your parents will be over the moon!

Image via Sonakshi and Raaj

Shreya says

Costume jewellery all the way! I always knew I wanted those picture-perfect looks as a bride and I knew that buying heavy kundan and jadau sets that match my outfit is a waste. So I went with imitation jewellery and I must tell you that at least 10 other brides-to-be and mothers loved my decision at my wedding. Not only did my bridal shots come perfect, I can now lend that jewellery to friends and sisters without worrying or even carry it for destination weddings!

Urjita says

I would vote for imitation jewellery. Its hassle free, you can get is customised according to your liking and it gets more use. My own mom doesn’t end up wearing jewellery that she has inherited and bought so I know that buying gold and diamond jewellery doesn’t really make sense.

Image via Shinam and Nilay

Chandni says

So I did buy real jewellery on my wedding but I did not wear it all. I bought one small bridal necklace and the rest I bought more everyday pieces – like a nice solitaire ring, pearl earrings, a Cartier love bracelet – somethings that I would wear regularly. On my wedding I wore that one necklace and for the rest of the events I wore heirloom jewellery from my mom and my mom-in-law. That way I wore borrowed real jewellery but invested in more practical pieces. To add to that both mothers were super happy!

Bhavika says

If I were to choose between the two, I would say imitation jewellery. I believe that your wedding day is the one day you envision yourself to be perfect. And investing in huge bridal pieces, even if you have the moolah, is worthless because they won’t match your regular outfits. So pick beautiful imitation pieces that won’t cost your kidneys and be that vision you always wanted!

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