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Real Brides Reveal: Their Skincare Routine Before The Wedding!

BY Apoorva | 06 Jul, 2018 | 11004 views | 4 min read

Your skincare can make or break your wedding look. Of course makeup is magic, but a good base is one of the most important factors in getting a great makeup look. Also, your skin is important on the days when you won’t have airbrush makeup on and yet get photographed! So we asked our WMG Brides on what tips they had to dish out on their bridal skin care routines!

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Natasha says: Eat and Sleep on Time

“Very important – eat right and sleep on time. You can put products worth 10k on your face but it won’t look as good as eating right and sleeping on time. As brides, it is difficult but my trick to do this was to have a good breakfast. Loaded with fruits, some nuts and a juice or coconut water. That way even if I did eat unhealthy in another meal, my minimum quota was fulfilled. Trust me, it really helps!”

Swati says: Exfoliation helps

“I wasn’t much of a skincare person honestly before I got engaged. But I knew that I had a plethora of functions to attend to I started a basic regime which worked for me. Night cream, day cream, sunscreen and cleansing every day. Exfoliating once a week and masking 3-4 times a week. Also, try using products from the same brand if they suit you, I don’t know why they somehow work better together!”

Bhavisha says: Masking

“Masking everyday! This did wonders to my skin. Mind you, all these masks were home-made so none of that clay and mud business for me. Olive oil and egg yolk is great for dry skin and glow. I used a charcoal mask once a month to detoxify. The Himalaya neem pack is super cheap and works well when I am about to break out. So masking helped”

Kartika says: Peels Work

“I did the whole shebang! Dermatologist, imported creams and all that glam works. I had a destination wedding and for me my skin was more important than my lehenga so I invested in it. Did a chemical peel around two weeks prior and also did monthly microdermabrasion facials for 6 months before the big day as I had a lot of pigmentation. The last facial, I think one month prior was a gold facial which was extremely hydrating.”

Devika says: Vitamins are Important

“I went to my dermatologist when I got engaged and he told me to stick to my existing skincare routine the way it was and just added a few things to it. Masking increased to twice a week and exfoliation extended to the full body instead of just face. He also gave me some vitamin pills for glowing skin and sun protection.”

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Shristi says: CTR Regime

“I stuck to my usual cleaning-toning-moisturising regime but added the Estee Lauder ANR as my night cream/oil. I also started doing clean-ups and facials regularly 6 months prior to my wedding. Religious application of sunscreen, paying attention to my hands and feet and making sure I ate right were a few daily changes I made.”

Disha says: Juicing rocks

“I ditched alcohol 6 months prior to my wedding, except the bachelorette party and my skin literally changed! I also started juicing in the morning – it was horrible, all that kale and other green stuff but it worked. Along with that I made sure that I dint eat fried junk like chips and bhajiyas. I ate pizza and pasta but in moderation. I think the junk and alcohol restriction made me glow like a light bulb in all my functions!”

Vaidehi says: Ayurveda is worth trying

“I switched all my products to natural and Ayurvedic ones from Forest essentials and Kama. I did this 8 months prior as it was a risk but it was amazing. My skin responded so well. It may work differently for others but this helped.”

Preksha says: Dry brushing

“Dry brushing! My dermat introduced me to this one year before my wedding and it was magic. According to her dry-brushing yields major skin benefits, including exfoliation and increased blood circulation which basically gives a glow! From an overall wellness standpoint, it also revs up the flow of lymph, the all-important fluid that whisks toxins out of our systems. I did this everyday faithfully before my shower with an organic dry brush!

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