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Taking a photographer along on your Honeymoon? It's happening !

BY The WMG Bride | 20 Dec, 2014

    A honeymoon for 3?  You, your partner and...your photographer???? Umm yep and we aren't making this up - there are a some couples who are actually taking their photographer along on their honeymoon. The way it works is- the photographer maintains his distance from the couple and shoots them discretely, so that he gives them their space but also captures some beautiful moments. The idea is- your honeymoon shots end up all being solo shots because one person has to be behind the lens, so you take a photographer along to capture the moments. Quoting from a Times of India article: "Why not get a beautiful picture in front of the Louvre instead of handing the camera over to a stranger? It is expensive, but we will have a picture and memory that will last a lifetime," says Preethi Natrajan, a classical dancer. How does it work: Depending upon what you require, sometimes couple ask the photographer to fly down on the last day of the honeymoon to capture some pictures on the last day, while there are others who take a photographer along for 3-4 days while they discretely shoot them from a distance as they continue to eat, drink, shop and roam around. How much does it cost: Depending on whether you are taking a local photographer or flying one down, your photog can charge between 20,000 for a day to 70,000 and more. So yes, this is not cheap Other alternatives: Taking a third wheel on the honeymoon sounds a bit too crazy?? Well, sometimes leading hotel chains offer a complementary couple shoot if you tell them you are a newly married couple. The four seasons at Bora Bora for example offers a complimentary shoot for honeymooning couples- what a nice touch ! If your hotel isn't offering this facility (and let's admit it not many do), just carry a 'Selfie stick' with you for photos you can click yourselves. Then there's always the other option- just ENJOY your honeymoon, and forget about the pictures!! (Not the easiest thing to do in the Facebook times :p)

How do we feel about it? Umm honestly not sure. This one is something quite new and even we're just processing it! But from personal experience, honeymoon photos do come out not so gr8 coz lets face it, strangers clicking us are nt exactly gonna wait for the right moment

What about you ? Would you do it? Or do you think three is a total crowd?

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