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The Most Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Other Than A Round Solitaire

BY Garvita | 04 Feb, 2020 | 64910 views | 8 min read

Talk about wedding diamond rings, and we bet, you'll only visualise a scintillating, well-cut round shape! Right? But trust us, there's a lot more in store and we bet that the mere thought of having at least half a dozen other cuts available will blow off your mind. And, making it a lot more difficult for the boy to plan that magical proposal, because now he also needs to brainstorm about what cut to pick! *evil grin* After scrolling through this post you wouldn't want to settle for something basic.

Choose a cut whose aesthetic and exquisiteness will complement your personal style and taste. If you're inclined towards a minimal engagement ring you'll be attracted towards the timeless round cut, and if offbeat is what you crave for then here are a host of fancy shapes to choose from! So, drive through and up your 'unique cuts diamond engagement rings' game with the help of this post!

1. Crown Shape Engagement Ring Design

Every bride-to-be is an unsaid princess and she deserves it all! So why not go for a crown shaped diamond engagement ring. Why we can’t take our eyes off this ring is the gorgeous detailing.

Image via: Pinterest


2. Salt & Pepper Rosecut Diamond Engagement Ring

Want to give your one and only a ring which is super unique? Go with this breathtaking salt and pepper most unique wedding ring. And if you already love black or grey then we say it’s a win win!

Image via: Pinterest


3. Yellow Gold Emerald Engagement Ring

Want to take a different road for your wedding ring? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the right inspiration for you! Doesn't this design leave you speechless? This is perfect for brides who want to make a statement.

Image via: Pinterest


4. Rose Gold Engagement Ring

If you want to propose your true love with something delicate and minimal then you’ve got the one! Not only does this engagement ring have an old school charm to it, but also something very soothing to the eyes, don’t you agree?

Image via: Pinterest


5. Modern Unique Engagement Ring

If you feel a contemporary ring design is something that suits your personality, then you should bookmark this design. There is something very special and soothing about this one. Don’t you agree?

Image via: Pinterest 


6. Flower Single Diamond Wedding Ring

If you’re a flower lover and want to go for something that makes a strong statement then save this right away. The best part is, this ring design is so versatile that it can be worn with both Indians and westerns.

Image via: Pinterest 


7. Star Light Diamond Solitaire Ring

For someone looking for something classy and modern. This star-like wedding ring  is full of style and grace. And is not typically found on a bride’s finger.

Image via: Pinterest


8. Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous heart shaped ring? This design never gets old and will be the perfect choice for the love of your life.

Image via: Pinterest


9. Minimal Wedding Ring

If you don’t want to go for something extra, and want to keep it light and airy then this design is something you can check out. What we absolutely loved about this ring is how eye-catching the gold band and emerald is.

Image via: Pinterest 


10. Multi Diamond Emerald Ring

What’s better than one diamond five to six! This design with five emerald diamond setting is what makes it so gorgeous.

Image via: Pinterest


11. Diamond Ring With Pearls

Doesn’t this ring define class and elegance. The gold band has a vintage touch to it which we are absolutely crushing on and the pearls are just a cherry on the cake!

Image via: Pinterest 


12. Ring Engagement Diamond

There is something very appealing about paring rings. No wonder so many brides are seen wearing this design. These stackable rings are so flexible and that’s something every bride wants.

Image via: Pinterest 


13. Edgy Engagement Ring Design

Just wow! Isn’t it Something we have seen for the first time and can’t take our eyes off. What we found so striking is the setting of the diamonds in this ring. So OTT yet so minimal.

Image via: Pinterest


14. Emerald Wedding Ring Design

For people who want something which has a vintage touch with a modern blend. This design speaks for itself and just look at that gorgeous detailing!

Image via: Pinterest 


15. Ruby Unique Engagement Ring

Brides are a queen and even if they can’t literally wear a crown on their head, they can wear it on their finger. We must say this splendid diamond ring has stolen our heart!

Image via: Pinterest 


16. Sapphire Design Engagement Ring Design 

For someone who has a heart for detailing, this design can be the one for you! From the stunning sapphire to the horse shoe shape around the solitaire this engagement ring design is perfect for the new age brides.

Image via: Pinterest 


17. Crown Wedding Ring Design

Setting some high standards! This ruby crown ring is exotic, and everything royalty.  What we can’t ignore is how the ruby’s are adding a splash of color to the wedding band.

Image via: Pinterest


18. Diamond Engagement Rings

Something exquisite and very unique. This one is for the grooms who want to go give their better halves something special and out of the box.

Image via: Pinterest


19. Coloured Diamond Ring Design

For people who love to add a pop of color, this one's for you! This color combination is to die for and is very attractive.

Image via: Pinterest 


20. Simple Engagement Ring

For brides who want a ring which is light and airy, this design is perfect for you. The gold band with a diamond row in between is looking so delicate and pretty.

Image via: Pinterest 


21. Gold Rose Wedding Ring Design

Want to keep it minimal yet stunning? Save this design immediately! This latest gold ring design is perfect for millennial brides.

Image via: Pinterest 


22. Round Cut Engagement Ring

Every girl swoon over its classic appearance, which effortlessly makes a proposal ring with a Round Brilliant Cut diamond an absolute eye-catcher.

Image via Pinterest ; Shop Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring via Caratlane


23. Princess Cut Expensive Wedding Rings

A princess cut  diamond exceptionally stands out for its square shape! A surprise proposal with this one in the box will surely leave your bae awestruck!

Image via Pinterest ; Shop Princess Cut Diamond Ring via Caratlane


24. Oval Cut Diamond Ring

Being a versatile design, a proposal ring with Oval cut diamond can easily match with other jewelry. Also, it beautifully accentuates long, slender fingers of the bride-to-be; making it a win-win shape!

Image via Pinterest ; Shop Oval Cut Engagement Ring via Bluestone


25. Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

In case your bae prefers anything & everything 'out-of-the-box' then you might as well put in major efforts to pick a visually appealing proposal ring to pop that question! And to make it easy, we'd highly recommend this one to express your love.

Image via Pinterest ; Shop Marquise Cut Engagement Ring via Bluestone


26. Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design

We're in awe of the soft & delicate look that this ring exudes! This 'teardrop style' has definitely not been done to death and can easily make anyone weak in the knees within seconds.

Image via Pinterest ; Shop Pear Cut Diamond Ring via Candere


27. Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Design

A cushion cut diamond ring has an old-world charm that is worthy of all the attention! Psstt.. with no sharp edges this cut eliminates the fear of chips & cracks.

Image via Pinterest


28. Emerald Cut Ring Design

We can clearly see why this cut is loved so much by the celebs! This versatile shape is suitable for any aesthetic and is an ideal pick if you're looking for a big stone within the budget.

Image via Pinterest ; Shop Emerald Cut Diamond Ring via Candere


29. Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

People often mistake Asscher cut for Emerald cut due to similar style, however, this one's a square unlike the other! There's a vintage appeal in this mysterious cut and it won't be wrong to say that they are hard to find. Also, expensive!!!

Image via Pinterest


30. Heart Cut Diamond Ring

Oh my God! How attractive does this one look, ought to be the fanciest shape we laid our eyes on. Can someone propose me with a Heart Cut diamond ring already! 

Image via Pinterest ; Shop Heart Cut Diamond Ring via Caratlane


And with this, we've given you A-Z info about unique diamond-cut Engagement rings that you can surprise your better half with! Don't forget to share about your magical proposal with us in the comments below. 

If you feel diamonds may burn a hole in your pockets, pick an elegant alternative to it and this way your propose with a ring that didn't harm the environment! #MomentWithACause

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