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These Instagrammable Modern Wedding Vows Will Crack You Up!

BY Anupriya | 18 May, 2021 | 1112 views | 3 min read

If you're an ardent WMG follower on Instagram, you must be familiar with our 'Share your unpopular-opinion' mug series (only sans the mug these days, cuz they're done to death :P). What you also must be aware of are these kickass modern wedding vows that have 'Relatable' written all over, especially for the new-age couples. They are funny, they are witty. PS. They are definitely the kind of distraction our 2021 couples need. So we did what was right and went ahead to CTRL + C & CTRL + V the best ones from our Instagram feed. Scroll through, screenshot your favs, indulge in a good laugh with bae and don't forget to add 'em to your personalised list of wedding vows for the D-day. 

Image via Avnish Dhoundiyal

While we're already well-versed with the sanctity of the 'Saat Vachan' or the 'Seven vows' in Hindu religion and how it cements the relationship between a husband and wife for seven births. But this time around let's also tell you how to make your wedding rituals more personal and fun with these modern wedding vows.

If you're just as scared of spiders as we are!

Now that's one hell of a pact to swear by! :P 

"I now pronounce you unable to binge-watch our favorite shows alone"

Because getting married is not all fun and games!

And here are some more that you can add to your list:

  • I vow to bug you every single day for the forseeable future.
  • I vow to give you all the love and support that I give to my pets.
  • I vow to always share my food with you, even french fries.
  • I promise to love you, respect you, support you, and above all else, make sure I'm not just yelling at you because I'm hungry
  • Here's a promise that I will always trust you even when we deviate from our grocery lists, GPS navigations or life goals!
  •   I promise to fight by your side in the zombie apocalypse. And should you turn into one, I promise to let you bite me so I can be one too.
  • I vow to never hijack your Instagram to proclaim what a wonderful wife I am.
  • I vow to love all of you. Snoring Included.
  • I vow to pretend I'm interested in your latest video game obsession.
  • I vow to pretend I like watching football.
  • I vow to never secretly read your whatsapp chats when you're all asleep.
  • Dear love of my life, I just want you to know how much I've enjoyed annoying you all this time, and how excited I am to keep doing so in the future.
  • I vow to still hold your butt when you're old and wrinkly.

That's all folks! So which ones are you planning to add to your list of modern wedding vows?

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