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Trending: Candy Stations for Your Mehendi / Engagement !

BY The WMG Bride | 07 Oct, 2014 | 934 views | 3 min read


Source: Elizabeth Stultz Photography

Proven fact: Candy makes people happy- no matter what age they are . I mean , little fizzy cola bottles, gummy bears, marshmallows- just typing all that puts a silly grin on our face. So what I want to know is, why aren't more people having Candy stations at their wedding? It is no jokes, the cutest thing we have seen since heart shaped solitaire rings (and lets face it , costs 1/100th of those!) What you need to make a candy station
  • Glasses in Various Shapes & Sizes (take them from your venue or caterer)
  • 2-3 Glass Vases in Various Shapes & Sizes (your decorator would typically give these for free)
  • Plastic Serving Tongs
  • Scoops and Spoons
  • Assorted Candy
  • Cookies, cupcakes, etc
  • A sign saying "Candy station"
  • Bags to put  the candy in (plain plastic bags or a paper cone or even disposable bowls would do)
How to make it
  • Decide the event you want to do this- it could be a small fun event like your Mehendi or a bachelorette party, or even your engagement
  • Keep a table aside with a nice, pastel colored tablecloth
  • Ask your decorator to get glass jars of different sizes
  • Buy candy from your nearest Candy Land or Modern Bazaar - think of things that will look pretty like softly colored marshmallows, chocolates wrapped in pretty, shiny wrappers, gummy bears in different colors, fizzy cola candies , twizzlers etc
  • FIll up the jars and put in a serving spoon in each Jar. Put a sign saying "Dive In to your fav candy"
  • Watch your guests go a little cray-cray over the candy station
Things to keep in mind
  • Choose candy keeping your color scheme in mind - I mean candy comes in all colors, just pick the ones that match!
  • Some candy is more expensive than other. Items like marshmallows are larger and you need less of them to fill half a jar so they are more economical
  • Lollipops are another cheap, fun option
  • You could also get plain cling wrap, colored glaze paper, or confetti to fill up the bottom of the jars and add volume so you don't need extra candy.
How much will it cost me:
  • Your decorator will throw in Jars for free (these are glass vases that most of them will have around in all probability. Even if they don't your venue will have large martini glasses and wine glasses and vases and you can fill those)
  • Your cost is essentially the candy - a sizeable amount of candy for a guest list of about 100-200 will come to around 5000/- Rs (it could go lower or higher depending on how much you buy)
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