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Where should you go for your Honeymoon? Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations in 2019 - 2020

BY Soha | 01 Oct, 2018 | 4329 views | 10 min read

It can be quite daunting sometimes in the madness of the wedding preparations to sit and plan your Honeymoon. Deciding on the destination, continent, weather, number of days of planned leave, budget, beach or mountains, relaxed or adventurous adrenaline rush kind travels, etc. etc. are what you have to start with and there’s some more to that list.

So we have made life and honeymoon planning easy for you with the ultimate Honeymoon Destinations for the Summers as well as Winters Honeymoon in 2018-2019.

Why should you go there? How much would you spend there? How would be the weather like? What are the top things to do? We got you covered.

*Return Flights costs are based on travels at least 6 weeks in advance

*The accommodation costs are based on 3-star hotels

Summer Season

 1. Iceland

This is one country we cannot stop recommending. Still quite untouched and with beauty that is beyond imagination. To our delight, Iceland now has direct flights from Delhi. The flights would cost around 70k return for a couple and daily spend would be around 12k including accommodation, food and car rental. Summers (April- June) is the best time to visit this beautiful country as the weather is pleasant and the days are long. The country can be circled around in 7 days and the self-drives are the best in the world. At times there are no cars visible sometimes for a stretch of hundred kilometers, so you have the views all to yourself. Great for a 10 days’ honeymoon and you’d need the Schengen visa. This one is for someone who enjoys driving, adrenaline rushes and is a nature- buff. If this sounds like you, we have a little guide to Iceland that keeps the budget in check.

 2. Greece

A lot has been written and said about the charm and beauty of the Greek Islands, and it’s all true and more. If you’re a romantic at heart, sunsets are your thing and are a beach bum, you have to go to Greece. They have the best beaches in the world and who hasn’t heard about the caldera-edged Santorini sunsets.  To top that, it’s an Indian traveler’s food paradise with lots of veggie local delicacies and of course for the sea-food lovers, it’s the freshest catch here. Great for a 7 days’ honeymoon and you’d require the Schengen visa. The return flights cost around 60k for a couple and daily spent would be around 7k including accommodation, food and bikes (the best way to explore Greece).

To Greek’s dismay but to our advantage, since their economy’s doom, this place has become more affordable than ever. Like the idea? Plan your Greek honeymoon and get some tips with our detailed Greek Itinerary.

 3. Turkey

This one is a new child on the block. With the most-dreamy Hot-air Balloon rides at Cappadocia, peaceful Sufi-dances in ancient set-ups and relaxing Hamam massages, Turkey has all the ingredients for a truly unique experience. For all the shawarma, falafel and hummus fans, this is a mouth-watering destination and there are Turkish delights for the sweetooths as well. The return flights would cost around 50k for a couple and daily expenses are around 7k including accommodation and food. Great for a 5 days’ honeymoon. Indians can get a visa on arrival if you have a valid Schengen visa or US visa; if not you can apply at the Turkish Embassy in India. If you’re keen to honeymoon in a destination which is Instagram worthy and hasn’t been overdone yet, look no further.

4. Kenya

Kenya is a safari lover’s paradise. It is one of the greatest wildlife viewing destinations in the World and a favorite of the British Royal family for their honeymoons and getaways. If Exquisite Wildlife spotting, Safari game-drives and picnicking in the savannah grasslands during sunsets get you jitters, then travel to Kenya for your honeymoon, hands down! It also has some of the best pristine beaches in Africa (Read > Diani Beach). The return flights cost around 60k for a couple and daily expenses are around 8k including accommodation and food. The safaris can be booked with the jungle lodge itself and are more economical that way.

Great for a 7-10 days’ honeymoon, Indians are eligible for a visa on arrival. To read up on the must do’s in Kenya and make the best out of your Kenyan holiday, read up on this Kenya article.

5. Zanzibar

Who hasn’t heard of this little island in the Indian Ocean with its white sandy beaches and snorkeling opportunities! Considered as one of the best beach destinations in the world and with sand as soft as clay, this island is surprisingly quite inexpensive. Fly to Zanzibar from India for around 60k per couple. Daily expenses should be about 8k including food, drinks and accommodation at a beach-facing property. We recommend Jambiani and Paje beaches in Zanzibar for a peaceful beach getaway. Great for a 5 days’ honeymoon or you can extend for as long as you like, lots of water sports that you can indulge in (read, amazing Kite-surfing). Indians can get visa on arrival. If all that you want to do on your honeymoon is laze around azure waters and sip cocktails on the hammock, Zanzibar is it! Catch up on our quick itinerary in Zanzibar.

6. Bali

This is a favorite amongst travel bloggers and photographers. It’s a delight to eat, drink and holiday- the healthy route. Bali is home to some of the best eateries, vegan cafes, floral baths & massages, gorgeous beaches, infinite swings (lust-worthy) and historical gems. This one tops our list for the most value out of the buck! Great for a 5 days’ beach honeymoon, the return flights cost around 40k per couple and daily expenses can be as low as 4k including accommodation and food. This place has Indians drooling as it gives visa on arrival. Super bookmark if you have in-between weekends honeymoon.

Winter Season

 1. South Africa

Well, this is where we honeymooned so it’s special for us. January- February are the best months to visit South Africa, it’s in the southern hemisphere so it’s a reversal of the climates. This country, in a nutshell has the best of what Africa has to offer. The African wildlife and game-drives, unique crafts and curios, inexpensive great stays and food, high-teas in beautiful untouched beaches, the drive through the scenic garden route, adventure sports, welcoming locals and luxury living on a budget. There is something here for everyone. There are direct flights from Delhi to Cape Town/ Johannesburg and return flights would cost around 80k for a couple. The daily expenses can range between 6k-10k including accommodation and food depending on the comfort and luxury you choose. Great for a 12 days’ honeymoon travel. This place requires a visa for Indians, you can apply at the South African Embassy in India. Check out our Honeymoon Itinerary in South Africa.

2. Australia & New Zealand

For the ones who’d like to splurge, well the honeymoon happens just once! Bound by ever-changing landscapes, hopping Kangaroos, home to the World Famous Great Barrier Reef and the capital of Adventure sports, this one is for all the adventure seekers. This continent also has a unique biodiversity, unlike any other place. Scuba dive, snorkel and skydive your way to this new beautiful world. If you enjoy self-drives, it’s best done in tiny New Zealand. Great for a 2-week honeymoon, the return flights would cost around 90k per couple and daily expenses would be about 10k including accommodation and food. These countries offer easy online visa for Indians, so it’s super convenient. Get your adrenaline rush in Australia & New Zealand.

3. Brazil

Brazil is synonymous with carnivals, crazy beaches, Street-art and living life to the fullest kind of vibes. The best time to visit here is during January- February when they have the World’s largest carnivals and their largest cities come to life. With such variation in the country due to its sheer size, the country caters to everything from stunning Salvador beaches, hills, Iguaçu waterfalls and the Amazon jungle. Indians require a visa for Brazil, you can apply at the Brazilian Embassy in India. The return flights would cost around 120k for a couple and daily expenses would be around 7k including accommodation and food. Great for a 15 days’ honeymoon so you can grasp all the magical experiences this country has to offer. If this sounds exciting to you, Brazil is this and even more when you experience it yourself.

4. Peru (March- November)

Peru is the country that houses Machu-Picher, one of the most Instagramed and visited travel destinations. Nature has sprinkled its brightest colors in the Rainbow Mountains near Cusco, a recent discovery due to global warming. This is the place to be for travel enthusiasts if you’d want more than just the honeymoon vibes. It’s one of the most trending Honeymoon destinations in the Western World and rightly so. The return flights would cost around 180k for a couple and daily expenses would be around 5k including accommodation and food. Great for a 10 days’ honeymoon. Indians can get a visa on arrival if you have a valid US visa; if not you can apply at the Peruvian Embassy in India.  There’s an interesting travel company called Peru Hop that you can check out if you’ve got your eyes on this one.

5. Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

A great destination for first-timers in this country and this one’s a great budget pick. Winters is the best time to visit for a lot of reasons- their world-renowned Annual Shopping Festival is from December-January every year, the weather is great during this time and Sand-dune bashing in the Arabian Desert with Shisha is more pleasant. The twin cities- Dubai & Abu Dhabi have opulent luxury but at the same time, also have affordable treats. It’s like an oasis in the middle of the Arabian desert with all modern luxurious amenities and a flavor of the traditional souks. A visit to The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and a cup of 24 Carat Gold Cappuccino at the Emirates Palace Hotel are must do’s when here. Great for a 6 days’ honeymoon. Indians can get a visa on arrival if you have a valid US visa; if not you can apply at the UAE Embassy in India. The return flights from India can be as low as 20k per couple if booked in advance and daily expenses would be around 6k including food and accommodation. Catch up on our must visits and must do’s in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

About the Author:

Megha and Pranay (alias The Trunk Travellers) are renowned travel writers and are travelling around the world. An ex- Investment Banker and ex- Consultant by profession, they decided to take the greatest journey of their lives. They have visited over 45 countries together. Megha has co-founded the kitschy product label, Pitaara Handmade and is scouting for inspiration during her travels. They have been featured with LBB Mumbai, Tripoto and WedMeGood previously. You can reach out to them and follow their adventures on Instagram as well.

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