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Last Review Updated on 15 Jul 2019

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Nitin Bhat
Nitin Bhat5.0

3 months ago

Anand and the creative chisel team took care of photography and videography for our wedding. It was an amazing experience working with such a friendly and professional team. The photos and videos that were captured were absolutely stunning, both in terms of the moments captured and the quality of the photo/video. Every time we look at the photos and videos, we relive those special moments of our life. I highly recommend candid photography over traditional “posed” photos for anyone looking to celebrate a special event. And I highly recommend Creative Chisel for covering the special event, because it was one of the best decisions we took while planning our wedding.

Akhila Rajaram
Akhila Rajaram5.0

10 months ago

This is long overdue. I have countless praises for Anand and his team at Creative Chisel Photography. As a bride from the US, the first 2 things I booked was my wedding venue and photographer. I did my research online and I felt that Creative Chisel Photography’s work stood out from the rest. Come my wedding day, I was not disappointed. Our wedding photographs were stunning and the videos were so perfectly put together. We actually showed our highlights video at our US wedding reception and we had numerous guests ask where we found our videographer and if they could fly him to the US to shoot their weddings. In addition to their amazing work, Anand and his team were extremely easy to get along with and took out any “awkwardness” there would be with posing for wedding photos. I would highly highly HIGHLY recommend Anand and Creative Chisel Photography to anyone and everyone looking to capture their special day!

Sindhu Shree
Sindhu Shree5.0

10 months ago

I could rate this incredible team a 7 on 5!!! Their skills and proficiency in their craft is truly commendable. What sets creative chisel apart from the rest of the photographers is that Anand and his team can brilliantly understand the pulse of the event. Given Indian weddings are so diverse in so many aspects, creative chisel celebrates this variety beautifully and tells a story rather than just a video that will bring a smile on every viewer. Working with them is super easy given their professionalism. I highly recommend this team for anyone who is very particular (some call it being picky :p) about the finer details in their wedding- like I was :D

Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar5.0

11 months ago

We had Anand's team film our wedding and were truly impressed with his team's professionalism and quality of their work. They were easy to work with and accommodating of our preferences. I was also impressed with Anand's responsiveness by email. We asked for our video within a very short period of time after our wedding, and Anand's team delivered a high-quality product right on time. Overall, Anand's team was very pleasant to work with and we are very pleased with their work.

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Thank you for your kind words, Nikhil!
Shruthi Ravimohan
Shruthi Ravimohan5.0

11 months ago

If you are looking for an incredible videographer to capture your special event, look no further. Creative Chisel does exactly what their name says. Anand and his team artistically and creatively told the story of our wedding day! I contacted Anand a few months before my wedding and discussed the elements I wanted captured, and that I wanted everything as natural and candid as possible. He and Sushma were very responsive and always available to talk by phone or WhatsApp. He and the team did exactly what we wanted and more. The quality of the videos; the creative and seamless way that they stitched every piece of our story together; and the attention to detail was all brilliant. There were very few changes we requested to the videos, and Anand immediately made the edits and delivered excellent quality material. Those days our lives are a blur because it went by so fast. But thanks to Anand and his team, we can hit pause on the videos they created for us and forever cherish those magical moments with our family and friends. So THANK YOU Creative Chisel!!!

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Shruthiiii!! Thank you thank you for such a super review. The three days in Kovalam were one of our best and thank you for making our experience a memorable one. Wishing you and Rishi once again :)
Namitha Krishna
Namitha Krishna4.5

1 year 1 month ago

If you are looking for a realistic and moment driven capture of your wedding , then look no further than Creative Chisel. Of all the photo and video professionals out there in Bangalore I found Anand?s style to be most natural , simplistic and realistic. Anand made the whole process very smooth and constantly kept in touch about every minute detail. They really considered all our ideas or preferences. I was a tad bit disappointed with the group photography but the candid moments which are personally handled but Anand himself was superb! I highly recommend this team of professionals:)

Andrew Athans
Andrew Athans5.0

1 year 1 month ago

Working with Anand and his team was an absolute pleasure. They perfectly captured our dream wedding, in a candid and heart-felt way. The YouTube video they put together was chiseled to perfection, which was way beyond our expectations. They encapsulated all three days of the wedding just as if one was watching a fairytale movie. If you are looking for a videographer for any event, I highly recommend Creative Chisel. The ease of working with them and how they blended right into the events without disrupting anything was incredible. Thank you for making such a memorable video that has brought family and friends who couldn't attend to tears!

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Andrew & Asha, thank you so much for such kind words. We had a great time at your beautiful wedding and the reviews on your video show the love spreading to so many people. Wishing you once again.
Shriprada Shivakumar
Shriprada Shivakumar5.0

1 year 1 month ago

In one phrase - go for it! I’m happy. I’m sure you’ll be too. Detailed review ahead - I found creative chisel basically from their YouTube channel where they’ve posted some brilliant wedding videos. I’ve watched the same videos over and over again and imagined how my wedding video would look like and I must say, I am extremely happy with the way it turned out! Haven’t stopped watching it still! Starting from my first email and call and meeting with Anand and his wife, Sushma (owners of the creative, creative chisel), to the minute his team left my reception, everything has been extremely pleasant. Communication has been quick and clear, through emails and WhatsApp chats. Very easy to work with the team! Extremely happy with the pictures. No boring poses, no stereotype smiling. Just fun candids and family pictures :) Coming to videos, a special mention to the short wedding summary of course! Amazing quality, choice of music (one of their highlights) and editing! Some minor changes I wanted in the video was nicely accomadated as well :) It was fun and professional at the same time, talking to Anand! They captured some really good photos of my husband and me which remind us of the exact moment we shared :) we’re both camera shy and in spite of that, we’re happy with the photographs! Cheers to that! Humble Anand, humble team, great spirit, great pictures, happy us :) Good luck! Keep up the good work guys!!

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
You are being too kind with your words, Shriprada :-) We had a great time at yours and Subrat's wedding. You guys were such a breeze to work with- Super easy and was like shooting a friend's wedding. Wising you guys once again :)

1 year 2 months ago

I can promise that you have never met a more pessimistic person than me in your life. And the thought of finding a good videographer for my wedding was stressing me up every single day for the past year. One thing you’ll look back at after years of your wedding that’ll bring back all the memories of your wonderful day are photos and videos. After I looked at multiple (over 30 to 40) videographers, I decided to go with Anand. I would recommend looking at all short wedding videos of Creative chisel’s on YouTube and seeing it for yourself. I’m not a believer of adding film songs in your wedding video because it makes it artificial. Anand’s work is as original as it can get. Their editing makes the video so personal that it brings every single moment from your wedding flying back to you. I not only wanted to see but also wanted to hear people talking, laughing and dancing in my wedding video and that’s exactly what I got which adds a great amount of personal touch to your video. Imagine a movie trailer with no dialogues and only songs in the background? How boring would that be? With Creative Chisel you get exactly what you want - great quality, thoroughness, complete professionalism and well, the most important thing though - Anand is so wonderful to work with! He’s so subtle that a lot of times you won’t even know he’s there - which makes you much less self conscious on the camera. He’s has a great attitude - which is what every girl wants on the most happiest and the most strenuous day of her life. So what are you waiting for? Your wedding is going to be creatively chiseled by these guys, so go for it! Goodluck!!

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Pooja, replying on your review took a while, sorry for that! I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful review. We love working with clients like you who relate so much to the kind of work we do. Your wedding film is an example of that - Simple, real, honest yet beautiful. I am sure you will cherish if for the rest of your lives. Wishing you an... Read More

1 year 2 months ago

The couple getting married hardly remember the events and the fun during the event, I was particular of getting the wedding film done so tat I don't have any regrets and few years down the lane would want us to have a smile on my face when I see my big day. There are certain things which cannot be explained by words and it's the photos and video which will be memory after few years. After a lot of research and watching other wedding films found Anand. Thanks to Creative chisel (Anand) for capturing my big day so beautifully. Anand is extremely friendly. He and his team made me so comfortable, they captured all the moments.All my friends and relatives loved the video and had smile on their face from the start to the end. Thank you once again Anand. The videos are something I'm gonna cherish for life long :) Will definitely recommend you to anyone I know.

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Preethi, thank you so much. What you have mentioned is so true- The couple getting married are mostly on autopilot and it is the photos and videos that make you re-live the big day :-) Yours and Vinoth's wedding was probably one of the super-easy, super fun wedding we shot this year. I say super easy was because of the energy you both had, we just ... Read More
Nakul Bijoor
Nakul Bijoor5.0

1 year 3 months ago

Anand and his team at Creative Chisel have done a fabulous job handling all our wedding photography and video recording. The ease of working with Anand and his team stood out the most for us. They were all extremely friendly, flexible, patient in capturing every single moment that matters and blended in so easily with our family and friends. I would definitely recommend Creative Chisel to anyone looking for not only a photographer but a storyteller as well. They have put together multiple video projects and stunning photographs that capture every one of those special moments across all the events as part of our traditional Indian wedding. A great experience having them around right through the wedding and an amazing final product made it all perfect.

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Nakul and Stuti! Being part of your wedding was a super duper experience for us :) Thank you for everything and i am sure we will bump into some family weddings in future :D Take care mate.
Aishwarya Modur
Aishwarya Modur5.0

1 year 3 months ago

Having Anand and the creative chisel team at our Bangalore wedding was such an amazing experience. We are both from Australia and trying to organise things when overseas creates so much uncertainty but Anand and his team were great, constantly there for advice and their professionalism put us both at ease. On the day itself his team were easy to work with and their shoots were amazing. Creative Chisel made our wedding shoots enjoyable and relaxing, always there with a reassuring smile through all the chaos and craziness. The photos look brilliant and we can’t stop watching our wedding video. All our events were covered so well, its so great to see all these moments on film again and it takes us both back so vividly. We would definitely recommend the Creative Chisel team, they have done such an amazing job of our special day!!

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Thank you so much for such sweet review, Aishwarya! We had a super super time at your wedding as well and wishing you and Pramod. Special thanks to your mum who took care of our team so so well on the special day :)

1 year 3 months ago

If you've seen any Creative Chisel wedding videos you know they don't create ordinary or cheesy wedding videos. Each video Anand and Sushma create are like a work of art displaying what that particular couple's wedding represents. My husband and I gave Anand little details and he figured out who the important people were, included them in the video and was positive and professional from start to finish. They sought out to create a package that we felt comfortable with. If you like what you see in their videos, hire them! They are wonderful to work with, and all our family and friends rave about our wedding video!

Yagnesh Ramalingam
Yagnesh Ramalingam5.0

1 year 5 months ago

Words cannot comprehend how much we owe to the creative chisel team. Thanks Anand & team for understanding our personalities, capturing the small yet touching emotions and seamlessly weaving the narrative, background and the moments together into a fantastic wedding video. And the professionalism displayed by the entire team was just top class! Always ahead of time , no hassles, no follow up. It was also great fun having the team around at the wedding. Absolutely wonderful folks just to interact and know! Wedding is a very important event and thanks to Creative chisel, we relive those special moments every single time we watch the videos and the photos Thanks so much Anand & team! Our best wishes for all your future endeavours Yagnesh & Vyshnavie

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Hey Yagnesh! Thank you so much for your sweet words and sorry in replying to this review late :-) Wishing you and Vaishnavie happy married life.

1 year 7 months ago

The biggest thing sushma did was to retrieve my videos . It was the greatest of the blessing of getting my wedding videos back. It was just one phone call and the videos was in my mailbox. The work was so good that I could not even think of losing it out, the candid captures and attention to details was damn good . Good going Anand and Sushma.All the best .

Simona Sharma
Simona Sharma5.0

1 year 8 months ago

In preparation for our Goa Wedding in September 2017 we tracked down about 30 videographers. Looking at their website, we loved Creative Chisel and their videos right away! Looking at our own wedding videos now, we know that we couldn`t have made a better choice. Anand and his team were professional, almost invisible, at all times while giving great advice and fitting into the crowd perfectly :) Simply great guys! We were really comfortable having them around - something that really shows in the videos. The moments that ended up in our videos are a perfect summary of what our days looked like. Quality, music choice and editing is impeccable! The communication with Anand was on point, quick and felt like talking to an old friend! He understood right away what we were looking for and created videos that make us relive our memory over and over again! Thank you once more for capturing all those moments! Having watched the trailer approx. 25 times by now.. it still triggers tears of joy EVERY SINGLE TIME :) We would do it all over again! Love, Simona and Anuvansh

Nivetha Gunasekaran
Nivetha Gunasekaran5.0

1 year 9 months ago

As soon as our wedding dates were sorted, and we knew for sure there was no turning back for us!! - we had to focus on more important things like booking in the team of Creative Chisel for our June (2017) wedding at the Tamarind Tree. The most important factor for us when choosing a professional to capture our wedding was - aesthetics, and Creative Chisel have built their entire portfolio in delivering that - making each of their wedding films unique that rings true to the personalities of the bride and groom. I remember watching a Creative Chisel video over and over again as it was shot so beautifully with so much character that I had to get Anand’s dates booked before we lost him to other weddings. And, what a right decision that has been ! Anand is personable and a straight shooter - he would suggest what would work best for the films but also gently advice on issues that doesn’t fit his work ethics or methods. He is truly a wonderful person who will go above and beyond to make your wedding film aka memories a special one. We have made a good friend, and to boot received a beautifully captured wedding at the most gorgeous location surrounded by the most wonderful people. Thank you Anand and Sushma for your patience, hard work, and for being truly good human beings. We are grateful! Cheers, Nivetha & Sridhar

Sampreet Hr
Sampreet Hr4.5

1 year 9 months ago

Creative Chisel is a fantastic team with just the right set of eyes we wanted our wedding and the cherished moments captured by. Anand and his team are a very reliable team who pay attention to detail and capture candid moments and bring them to life with spectacularly vivid images to cherish for life. Right from the day of first contact Anand impressed me with his openness & accurate description of his style and what to expect of it. The sense of transparency and reliability flowed through the entire engagement right through the delivery of the promised. Anand does not promise what does not fit with his style and what he can do best and delivers what he promises. We had a traditional Indian wedding that was full of colour and life and Creative Chisel's style perfectly befits the Occasion and the videos in the end bring out the same brightness, color and life that we remember of the events. Anand was also helpful by giving open and frank feedback through the events and has a no non-sense dedication to his work. The team was also came good on the terms we agreed on and delivered on-time and exceeded our expectations on quality. I would highly recommend Creative Chisel to anybody.

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Thank you so so much for your kind words, Sam. We too had a lovely time shooting your wedding. The time and effort taken to plan the event, specially the sangeet was really a treat to watch. The "Adventure of a lifetime" performance at the Sangeet with the monkey mask was quite fun! I wish you and Vivien all the best for the future! Have fun!
Ina Mina
Ina Mina5.0

1 year 9 months ago

Hands down, Creative Chisel is probably the best videographers in India - and we consider ourselves extremely lucky we found them during our search before the wedding. In very short: * Highly professional work * Perfect communication beforehand and after * Easy to work with during the shooting, Creative Chisel just "blended in" during the wedding day * Timely delivery * Results are very artsy, emotional and simply unique! The shooting on the day itself went very smoothly. It was very important to us to have videographers who just blend in with our guests, who are able to capture the best moments during a buzzing and sometimes chaotic wedding. What can I say, Anand and his team did not fail on delivering, in fact the result was even better we could hope for. Since we had an Indo-German wedding, we tried to blend different backgrounds and cultures, and Creative Chisel managed to perfectly capture this important day for us, when our families and friends came together for the first time. There are a lot of things that have to be sqeezed into a wedding budget, however after the experience we had with Creative Chisel, I can only recommend anyone out there planning a wedding - book them, as soon as you have your date. Save money somewhere else, but not here. Our wedding was about two years ago, and just today morning I watched the trailer of our wedding once again - and even after looking at it for the millionth time, it does not fail to enchant and wow. Thank you so much, Anand and team - great job done!

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Ina! Shooting cross cultural weddings are always fun, and yours was definitely an icing on the cake. The german traditions that were part of the reception was something special to see and will never forget the entry you guys made with the dance and the sparkles. I hope you guys keep shining the same way. Cheers and thank you so much for your kind w... Read More
Raji Radhakrishnan
Raji Radhakrishnan5.0

1 year 11 months ago

Absolutely the best team we could have hired for our daughter?s wedding! Anand and Sushma are some of the nicest people we?ve met. Incredibly professional, organized and committed folks. Wouldn?t hesitate to recommend or better yet hire them for our next family event.

Divya Gunaseelan
Divya Gunaseelan5.0

1 year 11 months ago

Creative Chisel are without doubt the best in the business! The first time I saw their wedding videos on their YouTube page, I fell in love with their style. The videos were unique, candid, full of laughter and most importantly creative. When I reached out, I was hoping they would say yes to travelling to Malaysia for the wedding. Once they said yes, everything was a smooth sail from there. They were very easy to work with and their communication was consistent and effective - crucial criteria during stressful wedding planning journey. Ben and I have watched and rewatched our video countless of times and every single time we are able to feel all those emotions once again. We can?t thank them enough for giving us that most memorable gift. I cannot praise them and their work enough! They are top-quality and you definitely get every penny worth.

Ajay H
Ajay H5.0

1 year 11 months ago

We spent a lot of time researching for videographers and once we finalized working with Creative Chisel ,it was all smooth sailing. Sushma kept in touch with us right from the beginning, talking through the finer points of their videography process. At the day of the Reception and Wedding they were on time , getting all the amazing shots for the final video. The final highlights video absolutely touched our hearts, we could totally relive that day and have watched it over and over again. Everyone who watched the video got really emotional. The full-length video included detailed videos of all the events and every moment was captured very beautifully. Their presentation of the full length video was very unique and creative. All the shots they captured were so candid and natural. Creative Chisel is one of the best videographers that you will find. We had such a fun time working with them. We are absolutely thankful to them to have given us a way to cherish our wedding memories for the rest of our lives. If this review does not convince you please go watch their videos on youtube, that definitely should

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
Dear Ajay and Kavita, thank you so much for your kind words :) Your wedding was a very special one for us as well. Happy married life!
Vasanth KM
Vasanth KM5.0

2 years ago

I have known Anand CJ and Sushma for most of my adult life. As a dear friend and as an accomplished professional in wedding photography, I chose Anand and his team to document my wedding (no brainer that). His team got along with all the guests effortlessly and were invisible at the same time. Anand and his team were somehow always there at the right spot at the right moment to capture those natural shots or a clever detail which can only be appreciated when looking at the photos. I had the luxury of my best friend being there on the most important day of my life, and having those wonderful moments captured in a beautiful and breathtaking style. Looking back at my wedding photos and videos, I never fail to comprehend the difficult and remarkable feat that Anand and his team managed to capture which he then wove into an exquisite and elegant story that will last a lifetime in our hearts. I always end up with a big fat grin on both ends of my face when I realize the precious moments I missed during the occasion were captured so brilliantly. For all those searching for someone to capture their big day, look no further. This is the team you have been looking for. This is the team who will change the way you will look at photography. This is the team who will exceed your expectations in every single way. Picture perfect!

Piyush Bedi
Piyush Bedi5.0

2 years 2 months ago

Anand, Sushma and Venky (Venkatesh) were not just incredibly talented and professional, but were also a pleasure to have at our wedding. We were introduced to Creative Chisel through our great photographer - Saneesh Sukumaran. Anand was in touch right away, warm, excited and very clear about what he and Creative Chisel could provide. He took the time to get to know my wife and I as well as explain the process from his side. His professionalism made the decision to go with them an easy one. I had spoken with a few videographers before Anand, but after that first chat with him, I had mentally booked him in for our wedding. After that all details, including administrative details were handled smoothly. We always felt like we were in good hands throughout our wedding. We had a destination wedding and travelling between venues was a bit difficult, but the Chisel team were always there before time and ready to film. Once the events kicked off, we could barely notice them in action, as they would blend in and be capturing all the key moments from creative angles. It wasn?t until I saw the final videos that I realised they were right next to my wife during our wedding - they were like a team of ninjas. Anand would be capturing the locations and events using a combination of his camera and smooth drone work, while Venky would be in the thick of the action capturing it all with a huge smile on his face. They all clearly love their job. The final videos were fantastic. They were delivered in the timeframe that they mentioned and had very unique and creative editing. It?s a very tough job to put together a video with such good timing and soundtrack but they made it look effortless. And that highlights reel was the cherry on top. There was a great balance of capturing all our family and friends, the rituals, the locations as well as us in the videos so we were able to relive the story of our wedding from so many different angles. In fact they have made most of it feel much better than I remember it ;-) A big thank you to the team from all of us.

Chandana Prakash
Chandana Prakash5.0

2 years 7 months ago

Anand & Sushma, of Creative Chisel, were an absolute delight to work with. Given that we were busy (wedding planning!), they were respectful of our time. We had only one touchpoint with them before the wedding; they connected with us to get a sense for what made us tick as a couple, so that they could plan the theme of their shoot accordingly. After that, it was a completely hands off experience (which if you have ever managed a wedding, you know is a huge blessing). Although I imagine if you wanted to get more involved, they would be more than happy to oblige. On the day of the wedding, they made themselves feel right at home, and it truly felt like a couple of our friends were there, clicking our pictures - no fuss, no nonsense. They were always there, on time, and even gave us helpful words of encouragement towards the end of the day when we were close to exhaustion. Best of all, the entire shoot was a very classy experience - nothing cheesy or cringe worthy. Post shoot, we had a quick turnaround (the pictures arrived on the promised date!). The pictures were absolutely gorgeous, topped only by the even more stunning video. The 10 minute teaser was a total cherry on the cake. Don't think twice - just go with them.

Gauri Shri Anantha
Gauri Shri Anantha5.0

3 years ago

We were introduced to Creative Chisel through a friend and we are so glad we went with them for our wedding video! We watched several wedding highlights of different couples and loved that every video was so creative and told their story so beautifully. I have to admit, a few of the stories made me tear up and I felt like this is what I want for my wedding. The entire team that was shooting at our wedding were so discrete and courteous. They were very professional and I loved that they asked about our story of how we met before the wedding and made it a part of the video. We were more than happy with how the video turned out, and we couldn't have asked for a better way to capture our special day.

Prathibha Mohan
Prathibha Mohan5.0

3 years 2 months ago

Creative Chisel---Professionals with a personal touch Process of Selection: Due to my lack of an ?artistic? eye, my wife (then-to-be) took on the burden (amongst many other things) of selecting a wedding photography company/individual. I had no idea that the process was so complicated. I was in fact confused and remember wondering why she is so bothered; after all, we are talking about ?Just photographs?. After reviewing 100?s of portfolios and videos over a quarter of a year, she finally shortlisted a few and talked to all of them (All of this was done from New York). Enter Creative Chisel: After the process of shortlisting and talking, here are some points which impressed us about Creative Chisel : (1) Prompt contact?within 1 or 2 days the initial talks were done and Sushma had all the details in one mail. (2) Skype Call! Given how busy they are this really helped us, by putting a face on an email exchange, personal touch (will talk about this more) (3) Anand is crisp and clear in what he is saying, absolutely no ambiguity and no chance of misunderstanding (mail other photographers and see the language they use and then talk to Anand, you will know what I am talking about) (4) Smooth Co-ordination from point of initial contact to payment etc. (from a wedding point of view, hassle-free) Dreaded day, all hell broke loose: Not one phone call made. His team was at the venue exactly at the time that was agreed on upon.. BTW, our wedding started at 5AM, so they showed up with their equipment much before 4AM (I think, we were still sleeping) Our marriage was at a farm, exposed to all the flora and fauna which come with it. Fauna included a bee hive. Yes, a bee hive, and it broke. I promise you, if it was anyone else other than Creative Chisel doing our photography, we wouldn?t have had wedding photographs to reminisce, enjoy, cry or laugh at. They stayed even when the guests at our wedding ran. That is not just professionalism--it is a personal concern, that these people will not have these memories captured if we don?t do this. The entire crew was stung, Anand, in fact, had to be taken to the hospital for treatment, Venkatesh shot the wedding with a helmet on to protect just his face. Abhishek even lost part of his equipment in the chaos. I can show you proof that even with all that not one moment in the wedding was missed. A bullet (Bee-Sting) proof photography crew. ?Just photographs?: After what happened in our wedding all I could hope for is some photographs, any photographs. What we got from Creative Chisel is nothing short of brilliant. You will not know if you see the photographs that anything untoward happened that day, you will think that it was a normal wedding and we were having all the fun in the world. What they taught me is: there is nothing such as ?Just a photograph?. This is the link to our YouTube video, I get happy whenever I see it and do not remember all the things that went wrong. After all isn?t that what a wedding is, getting through all the difficulties, but still remembering only the good things which happened. Creative Chisel was the embodiment of that at our wedding. Thank you with all my heart to Creative Chisel, thanks to whom I remember that my wedding was a happy (not just crazy) occasion.

Pratyusha Appari
Pratyusha Appari5.0

3 years 2 months ago

For any couple, there cannot be a better gift than capturing all the perfect moments of their wedding in pictures and videos. Creative Chisel gave exactly that. My husband and I had watched a couple of wedding films shot by them and instantly fell in love with it, so we decided to have them cover our wedding. Anand, the founder and the cinematographer is an extremely talented person. He's very warm and along with his team, makes sure to deliver their best. The thing about them is that one wouldn't guess that they have come to the wedding to deliver professional services. They become a part of your family and your friends. Not only do they capture every magical moment of the events, but they also manage to enjoy every bit of it just like your friend or a family member would. It was so much fun having them around throughout the celebrations. They made sure to deliver the edited photos and videos right on the specified time. My husband and I were amazed to see how well they have captured the subtlest of moments in the wedding film. It has been exactly 7 months today since I got married and we still watch the film almost every other day, and each time, our smiles only get wider. I believe their lenses have the ability not just to capture beautiful scenes but to look through our hearts and record every feeling we felt. The photographs were equally beautiful, different, flawless and a treat to the eye. We chose not to involve ourselves in any part of the creative process and they could not have delivered anything better than what they did. Its an absolute wonder how and from where they captured so many beautiful moments because honestly, it never felt like they were around. Thanks so much Creative Chisel.

Archit & Manvi
Archit & Manvi5.0

3 years 2 months ago

I was recommended by a friend to contact Creative Chisel. After watching his wedding video i decided to definitely get mine done by Anand, Sushma & team. I hadn't briefed him much as to what needs to be taken or what needs to be skipped, all i said was please make my wife happy with the final product. Manvi my wife was very skeptical initially but once we got the wedding videos, she was the one making copies and sharing them with every person possible, she loved them to bits. Every Aspect of my Wedding including Sangeet, Haldi, Phera & Reception were captured beautifully, many moments leave me speechless. So many moments we all want to capture from the one of the biggest events in one?s life - Marriage. We all want to cherish the moments for the rest of our lives. Go to Them if you want your story captured beautifully in moving pictures.

Manoj Durairaj
Manoj Durairaj5.0

3 years 2 months ago

We wanted the best guys for the most important day of our life and having watched their past videos, we had no second thought but to choose Creative Chisel. We got the most creative and talented photographers. It was easy, fun and comfortable working with the photographers, When we saw the final video and the photographs, we felt it spoke a story. Every time we watch the video, we relive and cherish the moment. Thanks a lot Anand and Sushma to have given us the best video. We loved every bit of it. Hope to see more of your work. -Seema and Manoj

Krishna Prasad
Krishna Prasad5.0

3 years 2 months ago

We were always confident about Creative Chisel creating everlasting memories for us as we always wanted them for the most important day of our life. We consider ourselves very lucky to have chosen a highly creative, skilled and extremely talented team and the best part of our wedding was that never once were we asked to pose for a pic or video . We were very comfortable and confident in their abilities and we enjoyed our wedding as a couple. Team is highly talented, very flexible and friendly and if you are looking for "the best"' in wedding photography and cinematography, this is the team to go for ; being lead by the #magician himself Anand CJ. Our photos were not just normal wedding pics but it had bit of everything from story telling, emotions, candid moments, bit of photojournalism and couple portraiture , exactly what we were looking for :). Remember, you are not just paying for your photographs & videos here, but you are buying an experience! Every penny is well worth it and these guys create magic with pictures and stunning wedding films to relive forever. Wonderful moments captured to relive forever.

Creative Chisel Wedding Films
KP, thank you for your kind words man. We had a lovely time at your wedding too. We wish you and Swathy a happy married life :-)