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Last Review Updated on 13 Jul 2018

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1 year ago | Certified Review

Prasheila and Abhimanyu are now the family photographers. They covered Sandeep?s sister?s wedding in Jaipur and we were more than excited to have them out in Florence for ours! Both of them really endeared themselves not only to us but to our entire families. Having already met them and spent 3 days with them in Jaipur, there was a real sense of familiarity and when we landed in Florence four days before the wedding, the both of them were there in tow. They spent nearly every waking moment hanging out with us, joking with our mums, and capturing moments we will treasure forever. Despite the existing relationship, the GBP team ensured that prior to the wedding they kept in touch and took down our brief and kept us real on what was feasible and what wasn?t. They shared all of their experience as photographers with us, such that it shaped how we structured the wedding!! They delivered above and beyond everything that had been discussed and most importantly, joined in the fun! During our mehndi night, when our friend was putting out boliyan for everyone to dance, it was eventually Manyu and Prasheilas turn, and then slung their cameras to their hips and got to the middle and brought India to the middle of Italy! Not to mention, when Sandeep got thrown into the pool and followed by his friends, Manyu was right behind them, diving in with his expensive camera gear, not to miss a moment. The entire time I was getting ready, Prasheila was there with me and my family. Those are the first photos I?ve printed and they have pride of place in frames. Given how much we deviated from a traditional wedding, the both of them were incredible at reminding us of small traditions which no doubt kept the older generation satisfied and content. :) We could describe them both with all the clich adjectives you would expect for a photography team, but we suggest you take those as a given. Ultimately, what mattered was their passion, their characters and just their dedication to us and to our families. It was clear that at all times, all they wanted to do was meet everyone?s expectations, and that too with a smile on their faces. We love Prasheila and Manyu, and look forward to finding excuses for them to take pictures of us in the future!Source


1 year 5 months ago | Certified Review

I had the best photographers, Going Bananas who so beautifully captured all the special moments. Abhimanyu and Prasheila from Going Bananas photography are sooo friendly and everybody loved their company in Corbett. The pictures are amazingSource


1 year 5 months ago | Certified Review

<p>The most important thing when you select a photographer for your biggest day is that they need to have the eye for things that matter to you, should understand your vision behind the wedding and must capture each emotion with an empathetic eye. These two will be part of your wedding like how, like your friends who will understand each and every thing you want with such patience and then click with such passion. Their love and passion for their art is commendable and I completely loved every moment they captured of our wedding.</p>Source

Kunali 5.0

1 year 10 months ago | Certified Review

What an awesome pair who compliment each other as creatives, making the whole experience like a dream! Prash and Abhimanyu put us at such ease and listened to our fears and wants without a problem. Their personalities are so easy to get on with - it felt like we knew them for years and the outcome was amazing - we are beyond happy with the way they captured our wedding story-wouldn't have had anyone else!Source


1 year 10 months ago | Certified Review

We instantly hit it off and they immediately got my vision of the simple, bright and colourful picnic. A special thank you to them for not shunning me from a photographers perspective for not applying any makeup or not behaving like a proper demure bride!Source

Kunali & Shreekant
Kunali & Shreekant 5.0

2 years 4 months ago | Certified Review

Our Photographers, Going Bananas were just amazing. What an awesome pair who compliment each other, making the whole experience feel like a dream! Prash and Abhimanyu put us at such ease and listened to our fears and wants without a problem. Their personalities are so easy to get on with ? it felt like we knew them for years and the outcome was amazing ? we are beyond happy with the way they captured our wedding story-wouldn?t have had anyone else!


2 years 9 months ago | Certified Review

Last but not the least, it was a real fun and crazy shoot time with Prasheila and Abhimanyu from Going Bananas Photography. They made sure I never had a fake smile on my face, as I used to get real conscious in front of the camera. Moreover, I was all giggly over the fun jokes and selfies we were taking the whole time ! Read more: https://www.wedmegood.com/blog/red-carpet-bride-at-zoya-jewels-marooned-with-delight/


2 years 10 months ago | Certified Review

While everyone was at their job, Abhimanyu and Prasheila took a few candid shots and made the women feel comfortable in front of the camera. Manyu broke the ice and everyone suddenly was pepped up to get clicked.


2 years 10 months ago | Certified Review

The photography team- Going Banana?s photography made us feel so untroubled with the whole process, with Abhi taking all the effort to get us to laugh and be comfortable. It was literally a laugh a minute. And because happy girls are the prettiest, we ended with a brilliant shoot with all of us feeling really pretty and giggly.


2 years 10 months ago | Certified Review

I loved the Going bananas team ? they are amazing.Prasheila and Abhimanyu are witty and would make any bride feel comfortable no matter how shy you are in front of the camera. The shoot with them was just like hanging with friends for a crazy mad shoot.


2 years 11 months ago | Certified Review

Our photographers are amazing!! They took the time to make us feel comfortable especially since we only talked over the phone when we finalized everything. When we reached Goa and met them for the first time, they really made us feel welcomed and really helped us through the wedding process. They gave us so many tips and tricks to help us throughout the wedding. Most importantly they took the time to meet and mingle with the families and captured the moments in a beautiful manner!Source

Preeti Gehlot
Preeti Gehlot5.0

3 years 4 months ago

It?s been sometime since our marriage but every moment is so vividly placed before my eyes and one of the biggest reasons for that is GBP. We were a little hesitant about posing during the couple shoot but these guys have this distinctly contagious craziness that would let you leave all your inhibitions and do things that you never thought you would.. or could. So it happened and then it was the wedding?.where Prasheila and Manyu were now part of our families. They knew everyone by name and everyone knew them. The events went by in a blink cause everyone was having so much fun.. and left us to wait for the unknown from GBP. Time passed and on one normal day i.e. 28 Feb 2015 we received a message ?guys check your E-mails?. We were Speechless!! There was magic!! Abhimanyu Sharma & Prasheila Lookhar have done it again..and this time, it was for us. Thank you guys for giving us images to be cherished for life and more than that Thank you for letting us be friends with you. Going Bananas is perfectly and aptly named because Manyu and Prasheila have a crazy sense of bringing out some amazing shots of your life.. just perfectly!

Rahul 5.0

3 years 6 months ago | Certified Review

<p>Prasheila &amp; Abhimanyu, thanks so much guys for capturing priceless moments so beautifully from our wedding &ndash; it&rsquo;s a treasure that we would look back to, very fondly! You guys were just amazing throughout&hellip;it felt so much at ease to work with you. It is almost unbelievable how you guys understood what we wanted, when we ourselves couldn&rsquo;t articulate our wishlist very well, and then deliver on it just the way we would have liked! We admire this incredible ability to grasp even the unstated, for those subtle and beautiful gestures on your part through the wedding, and for effortlessly connecting so well with our family and friends. Among all the deliverables we are happy with, we are most delighted to have you as our friends. Thanks a ton. Needless to say, we would highly recommend your photography services to make any wedding more special.</p>


3 years 6 months ago | Certified Review

<p>&lsquo;Going Bananas&rsquo; &ndash; the name definitely piqued our interest when we were searching for our wedding photographers. Just one month is what we had when we kicked off our wedding preparations. With just the two of us doing everything, we had just a few days to choose and finalize our photographers! And yet, we wanted the photos to &lsquo;talk&rsquo; about our wedding. And with Abhimanyu and Prasheila&rsquo;s magic, our photos actually did! :) We spoke and met with other photographers as well, but &lsquo;Going Bananas&rsquo; impressed us with our very first call with them. We found them so very approachable &ndash; we connected. They are the perfect mix of friendliness, and professionalism. They spent ample time with us &ndash; to get to know us, our plans for the wedding, tell us how they do what they do &ndash; even before we finalized them as our photographers. We were happy with our decision to have them shoot our wedding and reception &ndash; and the pictures did all the justice to our faith in them. Thanks Abhimanyu and Prasheila for capturing our wedding so well &ndash; the memories will stay forever vivid! Keep spreading the love :)</p>

Divya 5.0

3 years 6 months ago | Certified Review

<p>Going Banana Photography&hellip; the team that makes a dream come true&hellip; I know it&rsquo;s a clich&eacute;, but I would regret if I don&rsquo;t say that both Prasheila and Abhimanyu are more than professionals. Abhimanyu knew Divya since their &ldquo;MBA days&rdquo;. When Divya and I decided to tie the knot, Divya introduced me to the smashing duo. For a person whose most uncomfortable moment is when he is in front of a camera they were a god sent. Within a couple of meets, I was comfortable with them, whether it was through cracking jokes or discussing our wedding themes; Abhimanyu &ndash; you are the most easy-going person I have ever met, respectful, fun, energetic and thing we share in common, a big foodie&hellip; you are a guy&rsquo;s guy and girl&rsquo;s dream (I know I will get some slack for this :)); Prasheila &ndash; professional, beautiful, the ground that holds the GBP team together and the one which I think is the brains behind the operation. &ldquo;We worked with GBP for over two years, from our engagement in 2013 to our wedding on 2014. Within these two years, I am glad that I got to know you two better not just as clients but as actual friends. Over our dealings I was inspired by your professionalism, attitude and that quality (which the Oxford dictionary doesn&rsquo;t have a word for, believe me I searched) which just makes people instantly like you and be at ease in your presence. During actual events, it was like hanging with friends; having said that though you always were very organized, and though when you look at Abhimanyu it doesn&rsquo;t look like it &ndash; you knew exactly what you were doing!! When the photographs came, I instantly was in awe (never thought I could look so natural in photographs) of the talent and artistic sensibility which you guys possess. From a friend to fan I feel proud of you guys, and myself just because I got to know you. You guys go above and beyond in making sure that the experience of a couple, the need to put them at ease is given the forefront during the entire process which some veterans in the industry need to learn from you guys. Love your work guys, you surely made our wedding a memorable event, the moments of which will stay with us through the sands of time&hellip; Looking forward to seeing you guys soon at our other family events (please make sure your books are not full; be sure to know we will fight tooth and nail to have you guys there!!)</p>


3 years 6 months ago | Certified Review

<p>From the first time, we met Prasheila &amp; Abhimanyu, we knew we wanted them to shoot our wedding. The first meeting, which spilled over from lunch to coffee followed by the continuous planning con-calls only proved us right. As photographers, they are thorough professionals which reflects in the precious moments they are able to capture so beautifully. More than that, they are such great individuals to work with that by the end of the wedding, they also become your best friends. Manyu&rsquo;s crackling sense of humour and Prasheila&rsquo;s calm &amp; soothing presence makes an instant connect with friends &amp; family.</p>

Garima 5.0

3 years 6 months ago | Certified Review

<p>So what do you do when your wedding stories involve your photographers or when your friends tell you that you were looking fine and all but oh my god the photographers were sooo good! This is exactly what happened with me and the culprits are none other than the crazy, loving n totally awesome Abhi n Prash :) The moment we met you guys, we knew we wanted you to be a part of the wedding. It was love at first sight ;) you guys made us so comfortable and more than that I loved the fact that you were so friendly and so professional at the same time. The best part was that you made such a great effort to know the entire family and all our friends. And I think that clearly came out in the photos. You captured all the moments perfectly. I can quote so many memories with you guys but few of my favorites are &ndash; Abhi taking the role of the DJ at the mehendi function cuz everyone else just refused to do so, Prash making sure that I eat and eat the right stuff before the function starts, joota chupayi of Abhi (I still dunno what happened there haha) What started as a very professional arrangement turned out to be the best decision for us and the beginning of an everlasting bond! Thank you so much guys for making our very special day more special by just doing what you did.</p>


4 years ago | Certified Review

<p>We instantly hit it off and they immediately got my vision of the simple, bright and colourful picnic. A special thank you to them for not shunning me from a photographers perspective for not applying any makeup or not behaving like a proper demure bride!</p>

Garima Agarwal
Garima Agarwal5.0

4 years 4 months ago | Certified Review

<p>For starters, we are so delighted for the pictures they&#39;ve captured from the variety of moments and haven&#39;t failed to capture any special second. :) it was all the more fun to share them with our friends and relatives. everybody absolutely loved every click. as i believe, every wedding is someones fairy tale, I&#39;m more than glad i chose them to make my fairytale album. They made the camera shy groom so comfortable being clicked, that we had some great honeymoon captures too. :P with going bananas, it was nothing like over promising or under delivery. you exactly delivered to me, the classic sober look i wanted. within seconds it was easy to convey what was really running in my head! There wasn&#39;t any scope of not widening my eyes at every picture. every piece is so full of life and emotion, just like the two of them. inspite of being so professional with the work quality that you deliver, it actually doesn&#39;t feel like you guys are professionals or we hadn&#39;t met before the wedding. no complaints, no demands, no tantrums. :) lastly, thank you for the bride-to-be gift. it adds to all our wedding memories that they have created for life! Garima Siliguri, India</p>

Shruti Bhatia
Shruti Bhatia5.0

4 years 4 months ago | Certified Review

<p>Going Bananas Photography&hellip;these three words define passion, conviction and pagalpan in one go!!! Well our journey with them started when we were looking for candid photographers for our wedding in Feb&rsquo;14 and came across some very fine nuptial pictures of an acquaintance on facebook. Communicating with them was very comfortable since the day one. The thing we loved the most of our first meeting was the approach; they wanted to hear about us, our story, our families and friends and our dreams of the &lsquo;D&rsquo; Day. It was more than just photographers meeting the clients to offer their services. They never promised anything they couldn&rsquo;t deliver! In fact they did more than what was their job at a lot of times, like driving me (the bride) to the venue and getting the traffic cleared when it was pouring outside ;). The shoots were fun, crazy and fantastic, definitely much above our expectations! They were a part of family, enjoying, dancing and clicking pictures off course! Some photographers capture scenes, some capture poses, GBP captures emotions. Emotions which make us walk down the beautiful memory lane every time we see these pictures taken with passion and skill. Undoubtedly this amazing work is a result of their conscientious and efficient efforts. The cherry on the cake was the special video with the testimonies of family and friends which still makes the eyes wet. We have a couple of memories during our stint with GBP, but the most memorable is the one of the &lsquo;Vidaai&rsquo;. It was the time when we were overwhelmed with emotions and sitting in the car, Abhi took the last shot of the evening with the assistance of a cellphone flash (it was pretty dark outside the farm house). The last effort to make us smile before we depart and capture the moment was surely special and unforgettable. Apart from the wedding we worked with these amazing photographers for our post wedding shoot in London. We shot for two days and what can really describe true passion when at 2 am in the morning Abhi, with as much enthusiasm as during the day, was trying to convince the dead tired couple for taking a few more shots. The pictures of the shoot made us awestruck yet again. Those are beautiful pictures depicting the love and warmth we share J. Thank you so much Abhi &amp; Prash for capturing the most important days of both our lives and making them even more special. Your work sure spreads joy and happiness! All the best and keep up the good work!</p>

Ekta Babbar
Ekta Babbar5.0

4 years 4 months ago | Certified Review

<p>A wedding is more than just an assignment for them. Prash is punctual, courteous, fun and always with a smile and Manyu is friendly, with great sense of humour, is my Canada tour guide and talkative :P We were an exceptional couple and a difficult one as we had no time for our own wedding shoots. We could have certainly pulled off a great pre-wedding shoot given that Prasheila and Manyu were willing to travel a distance for this. Loved their punctuality and persistence! There were many memorable incidents between us. Prash was a part of the family, loved the time we all spent together while waiting for the baraat to arrive. Manyu and Prash manage to keep in touch, and go beyond being regular wedding photographers.</p>


4 years 6 months ago | Certified Review

<p>Right from the beginning till now we have had a friendly and fun relationship with Prashiela and Abhimanyu. They made it so easy for me and Samarth. Like the other photographers make u pose and dance in weird ways! These two didn&rsquo;t even once tell us what to do. They are the nicest people ever and the pictures have come out beautiful. A few pictures still make my eyes moist.</p> <p><a href="http://wedmegood.com/blog/a-stunning-color-riot-with-super-creative-decor/">Click here to view the wedding.</a></p> Source


4 years 6 months ago | Certified Review

<div>Abhimanyu and Prashiela&nbsp;are truly the best for the big day and for the bride.Very accommodating, helpful and brave. Prasheila is a perfect bridesmaid any bride can have and is not only a photographer. She not only was there to photograph the important moments &nbsp;but was with me to lend support throughout !!!. <a href="http://www.wedmegood.com/blog/delhi-wedding-peach-hues-diy-bride/">Vew Ridhi&#39;s wedding here</a></div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Source