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11 Things Every Bride Should Do Before You Put On Your Lehenga!

BY Latha Sunadh | 07 Feb, 2018 | 901 views | 4 min read

Brides, listen up! There are endless to-do lists and tasks for you lined up until the very moment you slip into your outfit. And they all are important, but the most essential to-dos really come up exactly 10-minutes before you wear your dress. Don't glare at us like that - these are not big tasks or ideas, just the regular simple to-dos that you must keep in mind before you set out to wear that amazing lehenga. So leave the big things like wedding planning, decor and makeup to the experts and focus on these little things because they're the ones that you will be grateful for when you step out into the altar. 

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Eat and Eat and Eat / Also Drink Up 

Now, this might seem super simple but never ever attempt eating after wearing your lehenga. Who knows, crumbs, ketchup, chutney, curry...nothing will be safe from them, not your lehenga. So leave brave acts for your adventurous honeymoon and make sure you eat something light - salad or soup to keep you satiated for a long time, also something healthy but not too fattening. As for the drinks, just sip on an energy drink and less water - so no bloating, no bathroom emergencies come up! Most brides forget to eat while getting things done and end up hungry or HANGRY minutes before they step out. We don't want that? Do we?

Make a trip to the bathroom girls

Just before you out your lehenga on, you need to finish up the basics. Put an alarm on your phone and let your bridesmaid remind you that the bathroom break is essential. Whether you feel like it or not, just go about the business so you don't end up with an emergency on your hands! 

Spray a hydrating mist on your face + hair to set it 

Do not touch your hair or makeup after this. So, finish everything up with a mist - shine mist for your hair and face hydrating mist for your face. Wait for 10 minutes and wear that dress! Boom! No more touch-ups after that! 

Pass bobby pins, lipstick, a mint and a mist to your bestie/sister 

These are the few things you'll need for touch-ups along the way. So keep them aside and enlist the help of a bestie to get it with her in her little clutch. Plus, ask her to not get distracted and stick to your side like gum! 

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Do a stain check on the lehenga

Before you put it on, do a nice stain-check on the lehenga. Move it around, take a long look and make sure there are no runts, threads hanging or makeup stains anywhere. It will be difficult to take it off after you wear it so check now. 

Get your lehenga shot + hanger shot + bathrobe shot + final look in the mirror shot 

This is a good time to recheck the most important shots - the nice hanging lehenga shot, the sweet bridal hangar shot, the bridesmaids hanging by your side shot, your final getting ready picture, your nice bathrobe shot - get them all done now. 

Freshen up your mouth with mint and armpits with a deodorant 

Eat a mint, spray some freshener in your mouth - you don't want to do anything after wearing your lehenga. Even spray a deo beforehand and let it set so you don't feel uneasy. Also, make sure your sweatbands are in place. 

Pic via Cinzia Bruschini 

Fluff your can-can 

Before wearing it and after - just fluff your can-can so you know you can easily get into it. It's important so things / fabric doesn't get crunched up! 

Stretch, stretch, stretch 

You have been sitting on that chair getting all your makeup done and your limbs and hands are all stuck and that's why you need to take a deep breath, play your favourite song and do two-three stretches just to loosen up your body and your arms. Trust us, it really helps!

Do dab perfume on your wrist, just your wrist 

In all that hullabaloo, don't forget to dab just a tiny bit of perfume on your wrist. Just that final thing to do before you wear your outfit. You can even walk out in a cloud of perfume because after the lehenga, you will NOT dab/ spray anything ever! 

Send that final loving message to your boy 

Final message - love message to the groom must go now. Once you get into the lehenga, no phone, no nothing. Just you and lehenga and dupatta and all that. So, don't forget to send that sweet message and make it as sexy as hell. 

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