14 Knockout Photos To Click Using Your Dupatta !

Well, when it comes to pictures, the drama of it is everything. And what adds more drama than the two metre long bridal dupatta ? These ideas will make your dupatta portrait instagram / screensaver / framed poster worthy.

Your Sister Helping You Wear It


Picture Courtesy: Shrey’s Wedding 

Nothing showcases a pretty dupatta better than a loved one putting it on your head.

..and you through the sheer fabric


Pic via Photozapki

Nothing like a bride looking across from a sheer dupatta – whether you do it from the front or the side profile, it’s one gorg photo.

which makes for some pretty fab Bollywood style poses

Because you know, that’s just how you stretch!

Specially when you play with light

Pic via Dhanika Choksi Photography; Rangresa

When light falls on a pretty dupatta, you know how amazing that looks, right? Plus, a back profile of the dupatta is just so amazing!


And let it flow like a train

Pics via Dipak Studios

If you wear your dupatta like a train, then this is one sweet way to photograph them.

Or just peek through

Pic via Dhanika Choksi Photography

A smile and a peek – always makes a great picture!

 Click a vintage shot

Photo: Dalmia Fashions

Love how rustic this shot is with the nosering peeping through. Specially if your dupatta is not sheer.

Admire yourself in the mirror

Pic via Memorylanes Photography 

Looking at yourself in the mirror with the entire look – beautiful!

Wait for that moment when it goes on your head.


Pic via Chikeen Masala Wedding; Black & White Films

A dupatta about to adorn your head is a beautiful way to showcase your style!

Get creative

Pic via The Muslin Bag; Kanjoos Photography

You could really go creative with a dupatta flying behind your head or you dressing up through the eyes of a dupatta.

Just the whole look shot

Pic via Happy Frames Photography 

A dupatta alone might be weird but the whole look with the dupatta leading the way is pretty much a wonderful addition to your album.

A fully covered head shot

Pic via Fotografia9

Closeups and a full-head shot of the dupatta over your eyes makes for such a dramatic picture!

Just your dupatta, in all it’s glory

Pic via Nikita Wankhade Photography 

Just spread out the dupatta and have one shot that describes it best – sheer and endless!

Phew! Check the list and tell us which ones are your favourite?

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