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3 Pretty New Mehendi Decor Themes to DIY in Under 20K!

BY Sakshi | 01 Mar, 2017 | 13163 views | 7 min read

What's more fun than a Mehendi done right? Ermm, not much and we totally get that you are having a small, homely affair and don;t want fancy decor and expenses. We know you loved the last time we posted 3 DIY themes for the Mehendi on a budget, and here are 3 more we've been loving off late!

Theme: Rustic Backyard

This is like the most in theme these days! And it looks just adorable! An intimate Mehendi in the backyard with some cute decor and props- what could be more fun! You could even make it like a backyard picnic which is also a great idea to spend some memorable time with close fam and friends.

 Image via The Wedding Salad★ 4.9

What you need:

  • 1 big wooden backdrop – Your local carpenter can make this with ply for about Rs 1500
  • Giant Jenga available online - Rs 2000
  • A big bucket of black paint and brush- Approx Rs 500
  • A box of coloured chalks- Rs 50
  • Wooden frames- You can find really cheap ones at roadside wooden shops for Rs 200- 500 each
  • 10 Cute cushion covers in different colours- About Rs 200 each online, so Rs 2000 (Beg and borrow cushions)
  • Pastel coloured dupattas or cheap chiffon material (Pick multi coloured ones from Kapda Bazaar for 50-70 Rs a metre/ or just borrow them!)
  • Pastel paper lanterns (Rs 50 each- about 10 of them- Rs 500)
  • Picnic/ cane baskets and wooden crates (borrow, or buy approx 5-10 of them for Rs 3000)
  • A wooden frame and curtains or fabric for the entrance (Rs 1000)
  • Mason jars and bottles wrapped with twine (mason jars- Rs 100 each, twine- Rs 20 per roll- Approx Rs 500)
  • Baby's breath and pastel roses/ oranges for the centerpiece (Rs 1000/500)
  • A dresser and a mirror (get it from home)
  • Framed photographs of you guys or hang them from strings
  • Some carpets/rugs or gaddas (rent or borrow)

Do it yourself:

  • Ask the carpenter to paint the wooden backdrop black, so you can write some happy stuff over it for a DIY chalkboard photobooth.
  • Arrange the cut wooden blocks as they are to form a giant jenga!
  • Use the wooden frame and put curtains with floral tiebacks at the entrance so that guests feel welcome :)
  • Drape the pastel coloured dupattas behind the seating area for Mehendi (where the guests will sit)
  • Put the carpets over the grass and place the cushions on it for comfy floor seating (which is very in these days)
  • Use the cane baskets or the picnic baskets to serve snacks/ use as props.
  • Place the dresser and the mirror right after the entrance for a cute corner display.
  • Stick some photos to the strings/put the frames on the dresser to show off all the cute photos over the years!
  • Take the pastel paper lanterns and hang them over trees.
  • Use the twine to cover the mason jars or bottles, fill them with baby's breath and roses and voila! You have a cute centerpiece! Alternatively, you could even slice up some oranges and fill them up with some juice.

Image via The Wedding Co★ 4.9


  • Serve some iced lemon tea in glasses with mint garnishing. You can pour this out of glass jugs which has lemon slices in them!
  • Make sure the food is easy to eat finger food that you'd take along on a picnic.
  • You can even put some garden umbrellas if it's super sunny!

Theme: Boho

A Boho theme is also awesome for a modern Mehendi, and it's so colourful and dreamy with some eye-catching props! Here are the decor ideas you can pull off for this theme with a decor budget of Rs 20K.


Image via The Con Artists★ 4.6 and Art Leaves A Mark★ 5

What you need:

  • Feathers, yarn and wooden rings from an arts and crafts store (Rs 500)
  • Big sequins in silver and gold (Rs 50) and some fabric glue (Rs 20)
  • Pompoms (Rs 100)
  • Colourful cushion covers and borrowed cushions (Rs 1000)
  • Gaddas and rugs (rent them out)
  • Some readymade pinwheels or paper for origami (Rs 100)
  • Glass bottles (you can get alcohol ones for free), matte/glossy paint and brush (Rs 500)
  • Discarded tyres (they're useless, so you might get them for free)
  • Pretty floral print/ bright fabric or tablecloths (Rs 2000)
  • Artificial flower balls and wires in different colours (readymade for Rs 200 each- so approx Rs 2000 for 10)
  • Buntings (Rs 50 per string- so Rs 500)

Do it yourself:

  • Make dreamcatchers using the ring, feathers and yarn and hang them around for a dreamy look!
  • Stick the sequins on the cushions using fabric glue so they really stand out!
  • You can also stick some big sequins and pompoms to strings or yarn and suspend them for a sequin or pompom curtain.
  • Paint the bottles and stick one pinwheel or paper flowers in each for a cool centerpiece.
  • Paint the tyres and suspend them from trees with the glass bottles for a cool corner photobooth!
  • Hang the buntings around the food table- you can even write stuff on them!
  • Hang the flower balls with wires at the entrance for a cool and colourful entrance decor idea!
  • Put the gaddas on the ground over the rugs for floor seating- cheap and cool!


 Image via Going Bananas Photography★ 5  decor via The Wedding Planning Company★ 5 co


  • Make your own dreamcatchers- tutorial here
  • You can serve mocktails or cocktails in coconut shells out of a thela!
  • Serve popsickles from a golawala- it's an awesome and colourful idea!

Theme: Rajasthani with a twist

Rajasthani done in a fusion way is also an extremely cool theme to pull off at your Mehendi! It's a great idea, especially if you still wanna stick to traditional, but with a twist!

Image via Devika Narain and Company★ 4.5 and Happy Flashbacks★ 5

What you need:

  • A few traditional looking umbrellas made from fabric (Rs 500 each- so approx Rs 2500) cheaper alternative- kites!
  • Pickle jars or barnis in different sizes (Rs 100- 500, so for about 5- Rs 2000)
  • A rickshaw or an auto (pay the guy about Rs 1000 to rent it for the day)
  • One large wooden frame (Rs 500-1000)
  • Lots of genda phool (It's cheap, so about Rs 5 per string- Rs 2000-3000)
  • Some moodas (borrow them, they're very common)
  • Cushions (to make the moodas comfy), bolsters with ethnic tablecloth and gaddas (rent)
  • Gota strings and kaleere (Rs 2000)
  • Glass bangles (Rs 50 per dozen- So for approx Rs 1000)
  • Bandhini dupattas (borrow, or buy fabric for about Rs 50 per metre)

Do it Yourself:

  • Hang the umbrellas or kites around or from trees for some cool suspended props.
  • Put some flowers in the pickle jars for some awesome fusion centerpieces that look really different!
  • Decorate the rickshaw with the genda phool for an awesome photobooth!
  • Wrap the genda phool around the wooden frame and hang it near the rickshaw as an additional photobooth.
  • Keep the moodas around for seating options, you can even put some gaddas for low seating. Place the bolsters for an ethnic look.
  • Hang some genda phool strings and tie them back for a cool entrance decor idea.
  • Hang the gota strings and the kaleere around the venue for a ethnic yet awesome look.
  • Hang the dupattas around to make a canopy or tent.
  • Attach bangles together and wrap them with wire for a cool bangle chandelier!
  • You can also keep some floating genda phool in utensils for a traditional feel.

Image via Dreams To Themes★ 5 and Animage Productions★ 4.7


  • Get a chai guy to make and sell some masala chai- cheap and awesome!
  • A traditional kulfiwala is also a superb idea for a Rajasthani themed Mehendi!
  • Giveaways like bandhini dupattas and bangles (from a bangle maker) is something you can consider!

Have you bookmarked the mehndi designs for your special day? We have tons for ideas and inspiration to choose from!

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