All The Bachelorette Party Ideas You'll Ever Need!

By Sakshi | 12 Jul, 2018

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Bachelorette parties are going way beyond the simple night out and drinks- seriously, one look at these ideas and you're gonna think how outdated the one you threw was! Here are possibly all the ideas you're gonna need for throwing THE Bachelorette in 2018, ideas that are creative, fun, and will ensure everyone has a fabulous time!

Throw a mermaid Bachelorette Bash!

Image via Brit + Co.

Yup, that's the latest new craze girls! Get glammed up in pink, purple and teal glitter and channel your inner mermaids and lounge by the pool! There are so many amazing mermaid-themed props out there, and it looks so fabulous on camera!

Propose to your bridesmaids at your Bachelorette!

Image via Riddhi's Bachelorette Party

This bride proposed to her girls in the sweetest way possible at her Bachelorette trip in Udaipur- with customised boxes and a whole set up- and we think it's a super cute idea!

Have a Bachelorette brunch!

Image via Bhumi and Simran Photography

Who says a bachelorette party has to be at night? Meet at your favorite brunch place for good food, unlimited sangrias, and fun conversation. Don't want to go out? Host brunch at your place!

Or go Bachelorette Glamping!

Image via Atisuto

Glamping is the new cool- and if you girls don't want to spend the whole night outdoors- just glamp at a beach or pretty place with some cute ideas and decor! Have a beach bonfire, some nice drinks, BBQ and a fab time!

Get some amazing Bachelorette robes or PJs

Image via Anisha & Aviral (Lucknow)

Matching robes, PJs or just about anything that's gonna make your photos pop!

WMG Tip: 

Or maybe personalised merch!

Image via pankajmantri 

Stuff that's personalised- like these tees with the wedding hashtag! 

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Foil Balloons #ForTheWin!

Image via Pinterest

Foil balloons are totally trending these days, and we love how creative brides and bridesmaids are getting with them! 

And don't forget some cool props for your photo op!

Image via The Weddingwale★ 4.9

How much more fun has those party poppers made the photos? Get foil balloons, smoke sticks, confetti or even popcorn- just about anything to make your photos so much happier!

WMG Tip: Here are some cool new ideas for your Bachelorette stash!

Ditch the pink!

Image via Shreya Kalra's Bachelorette

If you're not a typical bride, don't do anything the typical way! Ditch all that pink associated with bachelorette parties, and bring out black or other offbeat colours!

Have a destination bachelorette at a trending or offbeat place!

Image via amyy.cheung on Instagram

Go to a destination that's trending for the year, like Tulum or maybe even an offbeat one like Japan

WMG Tip: Here are 8 Insane Offbeat Places in India For Your Bachelorette and here are some predictable ones!

Or bring the destination to your Bachelorette party! 

Image via Glam Banners and Lenzo

Another great Bachelorette party idea which is trending these days thanks to our busy schedules is that of bringing the ambience of the destination to you! Host one like Hawaii or New York- get out the theme and dress up for the part!

Rent an AirBnB!

Image via Nivriti & Siddharth (Alibaug)

Now this is an idea that's win-win! Even if you plan to have your bachelorette in the same city as you live in, then rent out an AirBnB and party till you drop! Alternatively, this is also something you can consider for your holiday bachelorette abroad or in India!

WMG Tip: Here are 8 Airbnbs in India To Book For Your Bachelorette!

Or just relax with a wellness trip to unwind!

Image via DotDusk Studios★ 4.9

Instead of getting toxins in, how about you throw them out? Wellness is the new cool, and the newest types of Bachelorette parties are ones that allow you to disengage and detox. Book yourself and your girls at a wellness centre and enjoy a couple of days switched off and detoxing. 

Gift your girls a glam makeover and photoshoot!

Image via Sunny Dhiman Photography★ 4.9

Channel all your inner supermodels with this idea! Gift your girls a glam makeover and photoshoot- anywhere you are!

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Visit a Vineyard

Image via Shreya Kalra's Bachelorette

Going to a vineyard is also a great idea with your girls - go wine tasting, grape stomping and just have a good time!

Have a suite slumber party!

Image via Vanilla Luxury

No bachelorette bonding is complete without a slumber party sleepover. Book a staycation at a hotel suite or stylish studio apartment for a night of drinking, dancing, gossiping and whatever else your group fancies. Maybe add a movie or games night to the activities list. And don't forget to do up the room cutely!

Take a trip on a cruise or rent a yacht 


Image via jdishdesigns on Instagram

Another great idea is to go on a cruise together- the whole hassle of getting from one place to another is over and stay is also catered for! Plus, cruises are always fun! Alternatively, you could even rent a yacht or houseboat for a day and party on that!

Or take a road trip!

Image via The Film Maker ★ 4.6

Road trips are the new cool guys- take a road trip as a part of your Bachelorette party and we are sure it'll be a memory you guys will always cherish! 

Give out personalised hampers as favours!

Image via Saloni & Prasad (Alibaug)

Putting some little bits and baubles together- which is different for every girl! And yes, paying attention to the packaging is another thing new we are seeing!

WMG Tip: Here are some cute personalised things to give them and here are some Instagram stores to source them!

Or DIY gifts/ hampers for them that'll make them feel special!

Image via Riddhi's Bachelorette Party

This bride took a lot of effort to make these bridesmaid boxes herself for her girls and you can too! Just needs a little bit of an effort and since you know your girls well, shouldn't be hard!

WMG Tip: Here are some ideas, tips and tricks for DIY bridesmaid gifts!

Host a lingerie shower Bachelorette party!

Image via Pinterest

This can be done whether you're doing it at home or outside- Have every guest bring a cute piece of lingerie for the Bride to be. You can even turn it into a game: Have the Bride guess who gave her each piece! 

Arrange some fun games that'll make the Bachelorette even more fun!

Image via Pinterest

From Bra Pong to Prosecco Pong and Ring Hunt- there are so many sober and dirty games you could consider for the party that are fun but not hard to organise!

WMG Tip: Here are some games to consider- from wild to sober!

Have some unique cocktails that's gonna double up the excitement!

Image via Pinterest

From cotton candy cosmopolitans to boozy freezer pops- there are so many innovative new cocktails that are so pretty and yum! Get creative or get them from the internet!

WMG Tip: Here are 8 Low-Cal Drinks For Your Bachelorette!

Let the food be interesting too!

Image via Pinterest

The night will be long, whatever you choose to do, so you're going to need lots of fuel to keep everyone going. Opt for lots of finger food - cause full meals may not be consumed. Also loads of fun food like funky shaped cookies or cupcakes or other starters.

Frame the memory!

Image via Pinterest

Now how cute is this idea? All of you can 'kiss the miss goodbye' with a cute send-off gift like this one! 

Take your guy friends along as well!

Image via Punya's Bachelorette Party

This bride took along her guy friends for her bachelorette to Thailand, and it looked like even more fun!

Or just combine your bachelorette with the groom's bachelor party!

Image via Sonam and Vidush's Bachelor Party

This bachelorette had the bride and groom's friends together in Cancun, and it looked awesome! Especially works if you guys have been dating for long and have a lot of common friends!

Take a photographer along for some amazing clicks!

Image via The Right Click★ 5

Even if it is a destination bachelorette, we are seeing more and more brides take along a photographer- after all, your girls are special and this is a trip you always want to cherish!

WMG Tip: Rent a photographer for a day in the same city as your Bachelorette to save on costs majorly!

Learn something new!

Image via Pinterest

Another great idea for a Bachelorette weekend could be to learn something new together- something as innocent as deep sea diving, pottery or as dirty as pole dancing! Learning bartending is another cool idea!

Or do something good for the society!

Volunteer with an NGO for the weekend- take the opportunity to do something good for someone else! Donate to a charity or go ahead and distribute some food and supplies to people- attract good karma before your big day!


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