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Best Marriage Dates For Your 2021 Wedding: Auspicious Hindu Dates

BY Apoorva | 31 Mar, 2020 | 288697 views | 8 min read

Corona virus wedding cancellations have bummed us all. But you don’t need to worry because we’ve created this ultimate list of best marriage wedding dates in 2021 for Hindu weddings. So if you are planning to push your wedding to next year because of coronavirus wedding cancellations, or simply planning to tie the knot in 2021, your first step is already ticked off from that wedding planning checklist! 

Image via Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul★ 4.9

Auspicious Marriage Dates In January 2021

In the first month of 2021, there are 4 auspicious wedding dates and it surely will have a alot of weddings. Everyone who is postponing weddings in 2020 or has had to cancel due to coronavirus will be aiming at a winter wedding date in 2021. Let’s look at the possible good dates for this month!

18th January, 2021 – Monday

20th January, 2021 - Wednesday

24th January, 2021 - Sunday

31st January, 2021 – Sunday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In February 2021

The official month of love! February sees a ton of weddings each year, thanks to Valentine’s Day and the brilliant weather conditions- it is neither too cold nor too hot and just the perfect weather to enjoy the festivities. You can wear a lehenga without freezing and also enjoy an outdoor wedding in February. There are a total of  7 lagan dates and what’s more, this year you have a muhurat on 14th Feb as well!

1st February, 2021 - Monday

7th February, 2021 - Sunday

14th February, 2021 – Sunday and Valentine’s Day!

15th February, 2021 - Monday

16th February, 2021 - Tuesday

21st February, 2021 - Sunday

28th February, 2021 – Sunday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In March 2021

Almost a year from now, this month is perfect if you are looking to plan your wedding with meticulous details. It’s perfect, hopefully all the coronavirus wedding cancellation situation will be in control and you can have a wonderful celebration in the first half of this month that has 4 saya dates!

3rd March 2021 - Wednesday

5th March 2021 – Friday (Weekend wedding!)

8th March 2021 - Monday

14th March 2021 – Sunday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In April 2021

Summer is almost here in April and that brings us to light lehengas and beautiful sorbet colours in outfits. You can plan a beautiful garden mehendi party or even a stunning beachside wedding on these ausicious wedding days in April 2021

16th April 2021 - Friday

17th April 2021 - Saturday

22nd April 2021 – Thursday

24th April 2021 - Saturday

25th April 2021 - Sunday

26th April 2021 - Monday

27th April 2021 - Tuesday

28th April 2021 - Wednesday

29th April 2021 - Thursday

30th April 2021 – Friday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In May 2021

With a whooping 17 good marriage dates in May 2021, next year’s summer wedding season is going to be big! With that number of muhurat days, we recommend you get planning immediately if you are thinking of tying the knot in May 2021!

1st May 2021 - Saturday

2nd May 2021 – Sunday

3rd May 2021 – Monday (long weekend wedding!)

7th May 2021 - Friday

8th May 2021 - Saturday

9th May 2021 – Sunday

13th May 2021 - Thursday

14th May 2021 - Friday

21st May 2021 - Friday

22nd May 2021 – Saturday

23rd May 2021 - Sunday

24th May 2021 - Monday

26th May 2021 - Wednesday

27th May 2021 - Thursday

28th May 2021 - Friday

29th May 2021 - Saturday

30th May 2021 – Sunday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In June 2021

Monsoon weddings look big in 2021 as well. June 2021 has over 10 Hindu wedding dates in India, making it a total reason to celebrate. If you are on a tight budget and yet don’t want to have a full blown monsoon wedding, June is your pick!

3rd June 2021 - Thursday

4th June 2021 – Friday

5th June 2021 - Saturday

16th June 2021 - Wednesday

19th June 2021 - Saturday

20th June 2021 - Sunday

21st June 2021 - Monday

22nd June 2021 - Tuesday

23rd June 2021 - Wednesday

24th June 2021 - Thursday

30th June 2021 – Wednesday

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Image via Pallavi and Rajat's Real Wedding

Auspicious Marriage Dates In July 2021

The month before a long break! If you are game for indoor venues and intimate weddings with small guest lists, July is a great month to have one. With limited saya dates and even more limited demand, this month can just be your month of love!

1st July 2021 - Thursday

2nd July 2021 - Friday

7th July 2021 - Wednesday

13th July 2021 - Tuesday

15th July 2021 - Thursday

16th July 2021 – Friday

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August – September – October 2021

These three months have no muhurat dates, but you need not worry. You can either have a court marriage or even non-ritualistic wedding in these months. A lot of people are choosing to get legally married before and then doing the celebrations later, so these months have no lagan dates and can be great for those celebrations. Demand will be low and vendors will be available!

Image via Clickography★ 4.8

Auspicious Marriage Dates In November 2021

After a long break, November 2021 will open the wedding season part two for 2021 with a bang. Winter weddings are always fun, with alot of wedding dates in the winter season and the excitement in the air.
With only seven wedding dates in November, if you are keen to lock this month, we would recommend that you start your at-home-wedding-planning as you are quarantined at home!

15th November 2021 - Monday

16th November 2021 - Tuesday

20th November 2021 - Saturday

21st November 2021 - Sunday

28th November 2021 - Sunday

29th November 2021 - Monday

30th November 2021 – Tuesday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In December 2021

The last month of the year and a crowd favourite, December sees the most number of weddings in any year. With only seven auspicious wedding dates to grab on to, the 2021 wedding season in December is going to be fun.  

1st December 2021 - Wednesday

2nd December 2021 - Thursday

6th December 2021 - Monday

7th December 2021 - Tuesday

8th December 2021 – Wednesday

11th December 2021 - Saturday

13th December 2021 - Monday


Thats not it, if you are looking for bengali wedding dates in 2021 , tamil muhurtham dates 2021 or for wedding dates in 2021 as per telugu calendar, we have got the list ready for you. 

How to finalise a good wedding date in 2021?

Now, there are many ways to finalise a wedding date. Firstly if you and your family believe in getting married on an auspicious date, then going to a pandit along with your kundlis is one option that will help. The pandits usually check the kundlis and find the best marriage date for you and your partner. If this is not what you are looking at, then getting married around the holidays will be great. This way you and your guests will not have to take a lot of leaves for the weddings festivities. Getting married on a Friday or a Monday is also an option where you can get married while taking minimum days off.

How to find a marriage date for a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are all the rage. Weddings along with some fun, who would not want that. Many couples around the world are planning destination weddings or staycation weddings. This way the family and friends can get together for a mini relaxed break while attending the wedding functions. Days for a destination wedding must be selected keeping in mind various factors, the destination and its weather conditions, festivals, connectivity of the location etc. For example if you are planning to get married near the beach, then you should go for winter wedding dates as the weather conditions will be quite pleasant for all, similarly if you want to get married on the mountains then summer is the season for you.

Do we have to find a good muhurat date in 2021 for getting married in court?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question and it totally depends on individuals getting married. While some people believe that no matter how they are getting married, they should do it on an auspicious date, while others do it as per their convenience. If you are someone who wishes to go for a court marriage then you will have to look at the availability of dates in the court and the appointments for the same are taken much in advance.

And once you finalise your wedding date, download the WedMeGood app today for a seamless wedding planning experience and tons of inspiration!     

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