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Bucket List For Brides And Grooms: What To Do Before They Tie The Knot!

BY Apoorva | 14 Mar, 2018 | 3981 views | 5 min read

You're getting married in a month, a year, or two!! Where time flew by, you will never realise but it's never too late to do a few amazing things together as a couple. We made you a list - some simple things in tow and some complicated stuff you can try - basics like marriage registrations and vendor issues are mandatory, but these ideas are special. 

Image via Ombre by Harsheen Jammu★ 4.8

Have that one amazing brunch with his fambam 

If you haven’t hung out with each other’s extended families, this is a must do. Getting to know relatives, at least by names is important for bride and grooms. If you tend to forget, have your partner draw you a family tree! So plan that fun brunch now. 

Take a trip to a new place

Couples tend to get overwhelmed with all the planning and running around. Take a weekend or a day off just for yourselves and spend some time together. Or go on your pre-wedding holiday to a place close-by: Singapore or Srilanka is a great option but exploring a new place both of you have never been is a great idea - road-tripping around Iceland anyone?

Image via Vows & Tales★ 5

Start a joint account

If you haven’t already done that, do that. Even if one partner isn’t earning, a joint account will help so that you can manage your home and personal finances separately.

Take a trip with your family, not only friends’ 

Bachelorettes and bachelor parties will happen but take a trip with both set of families, one month before the d-day. This way you two can chill with them and they also get a little break from wedding madness

Learn how cook (Both of you) and make one spectacular meal 

We don’t mean full blown meals every day after work, which you are more than welcome to do if you have the energy! But with today’s social life you need to start eating healthy and that will happen only when you start cooking healthy meals. We know you can always hire a maid, but once in a while whipping up a bowl of avocado salad is no biggie!

Image via Pooja Joseph Photography★ 5

Break in your wedding shoes

Practice walking and dancing in your wedding shoes and this is for the both of you. You don’t want blisters one week before the big day! 

Clear Your Work To-Do List

Take care of any big projects or assignments at work early on that week so that you don't have a to-do list of work tasks floating around in your head. Work is the last thing you want to think about as you head into your wedding weekend. 

Have the baby talk 

It's important to know your baby future - some women want no kids, some men might want one kid, it's always good to have that talk. So you know, how to plan it up! 

Make your own tradition

Something like brewing your own beer every 6 months or doing a trek every 3 months. Something that's very "YOU" as a couple. It really does get the fuzzies out. 

Do the candlelight dinner 

We think we all do these movie-type candlelight thingies, but in reality, we are literally struggling with day-to-day deadlines and barely catching up and when we do, ending up with Dominoes pizza. No siree, just make a reservation( yep, that kind of place) and do one big amazing dinner without any occasion like an anniversary or birthday in tow. 

Make a date jar

Add all the cool things you guys want to do as chits and place it in a jar for your first year as married couple. It will be fun to know what you will end up doing. 

Do that big fat movie marathon 

Netflix recently released their best 100 movies to watch, even IMDB has a list so make a night out of them. 

Splurge on a three-course meal

Of course, at a five-star restaurant of your dreams. Because why not? Also, this can be as fancy as it can get!

Rent a hotel for a night

Even if it’s right next to your house, so you can slip into the hot tub together.

Have a picnic in a secluded area of the park

Complete with champagne and your favorite chocolate. 

Buy tickets for a romantic cruise that’ll give you a chance to reconnect

The best cruise they say is the one to Antarctica but Singapore has some amazing cruises too. All it takes is 3-4 days, that's all. 

Watch the most romantic movie that you can find on Netflix

Pick one and make popcorn and order pizza. 

Take a dance class,

So you know the proper way to slow dance on your wedding day.

 Go house hunting

Even if you can’t actually afford to buy your own place yet. Renting can be great too, if you find that dream home! 

Go to a wine tasting

So you can keep it classy for once! Sula vineyards are a great budget option, if not, South of France, napa valley?

Couples massage 

You'll never get it done if you don't put it on your list. So try it once darling!!

Write each other a love letter

Now is the time - after that you'll be married. Love letters before you are married is such a sweet thing!

Cook dinner together

One nice meal - an exotic one if you like! Chinese, Japanese, Peruvian or Ethiopian - you choose! 

Create a monogram for thank you notes

This is probably the best time to create a monogram of your names for any stationery for future use. 

Test drive the car of your dreams

Everyone has a dream car and you must test it out, hai na? 

Make a time capsule

Write something and cap it for like 5 years so you can open it and see on your 5th, 10th or 15th anniversary. 

Want individual checklists too? Here is the bridal 1 month checklist and groom's 1 month checklist! 


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