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The Best Pre-Bridal Facials in Town !

BY The WMG Bride | 02 Oct, 2014

Contrary to what most people believe, being a bride to be is no cupcake. Between the late night planning (read: arguing ) sessions with your family, the endless shopping trips to complete a never ending trousseau, the panic attacks about "OMG this is actually happening to me" , your skin does tend to take a back seat. So while we do understand that you have a lot going on, we would still recommend you to not miss out on your beauty sleep, keep munching on some healthy meals and set out for some early morning walks. That done, it's also equally important to pamper your skin with some rejuvenating facials.

We've put together a list of seven Pre Bridal facials and all you've got to do is, find the one that suits you the best, book an appointment and get going!

bridal facials

The Casmara Facial

Price : 1800 +

Duration : 60/90 mins

Best suited for: Dry and Normal skin types who need a glow!

What s so special :  The Casmara Facial is  basically this thick gel (it almost looks like an Amoeba and the reason for that is that it is a   Spanish range of 'algae peel off masks' based on plant extracts such as oats, wheat and soya) . When the mask dries to a solid gel form, it can be easily peeled off in one go. It gently cools the skin and the day after the facial you wake up to absolutely hydrated, glowing, beautiful skin which is done  by contracting and relaxing the facial muscles. The effect stays for 3 days easily !

Reviews: Read Casmara Facial review on Peaches & Blush

Where to do it : Affinity Salons in Delhi & Chandigarh have them. But a lot of other salons also keep these.


Eminence Organic Facial

Price : 3500 + tax

Duration : 1 hour

What is it : There are basically three types of facials in this range. and you should probably go for the one titled "Restore Radiance" As the name suggests, the facial uses organic hand crushed products of a Hungarian brand called eminence. Besides giving you a visibly clear skin, the facial focuses on massaging your eyes to reduce puffiness and minimize dark circles.

Best suited for: Uneven skin tones and dark circles

Reviews: Read Eminence Organic Facial Review on Vogue

Where to do it: Lakme Salons across the country



The Face Treatment

Price : Rs 3600/4000

Duration : 60/75 mins

What is it : A customized treatment based on your skin type. It includes a professional double cleansing of the skin, followed by exfoliation, massage, masque, hydration and solar defense. The treatment focuses on revitalizing and brightening your skin.

Best suited for: Sallow skin which needs moisture

Where to do it : B Blunt Mumbai



The O3 facial

Price : Rs 2000 onwards

Duration : 1 hour

What is it : A tan removing facial that involves a basic routine of cleansing the skin with 03 products followed by scrubbing and a face pack. It also ensures removal of black heads.

Best suited for: All skin types but basically girls  who have been under the sun and need a tan removing facial

Review: Wise she has a review on the 03 microdermabrasion which is used in the facial

Where to get it done: Looks Unisex Salon, Delhi


Sea Pearl Facial

Price : Rs 5,500

Duration : 90 min

What is it : An intense hydrating treatment for supple skin that glows. Uses a marine bolus made of sea water pearls and gigartina (Red Sea Weed Caviar). During the treatment, the seawater pearls burst softly on your skin and diffuse ingredients of the bolus with the gigartina, resulting in a radiant complexion and optimal relaxation. The treatment is ideal for those who wish for silky smooth, resplendent skin.

Best suited for: Skin that needs to glow

Where to get it done: Jean Claude Biguine in Mumbai & Bangalore



Remy Laure Facial

Price : Rs 3,500

Duration : 90 mins

What is it : The facial involves the basic process of cleansing, cleaning, scrub and mask using Remy Laure products. Remy Laure products are basically mud based purifying and cleansing products which  rejects toxins from the skin, improves skin texture and gives brightening effect.

Best suited for: Oily and Normal skin types who need instant brightening and a purifying of the skin

Where to get it:  Juice Salons, Mumbai


The New York Facial 

Price : Rs 25000

Duration : 90 mins

What is it : This fancy shmancy thing involves a 'clear lift' laser, a mask and a LED therapy that lightens dark spots and adds a definite glow to the skin that stays over the course of many many months

Best suited for: Girls with brown spots and skin that is sallow who need a solution that lasts a long time  and don;t mind the price

Review: Read detailed review on the Delhi bride

 Where its from: Lumiere Dermatology Delhi


Intense Hydration Facial

Price : Rs 4000

Duration : 90 mins

What is it : A very extensive  fancy facial involving galvanic gel, electroporation, neosporin powder and High Pressure O2 ! This one is if you are super stressed out and want a way to unwind, and get a surge of moisture in your skin which relaxes it. Most immediate reactions you will get from people : Wow you look so relaxed !

Best suited for: Dry to Normal skin needing relaxation

Review: Read detailed review on Peaches & Blush

 Where its from: Jamuna Pai Blush Clinic in Delhi & Mumbai


Skynedor Facials

Price : Rs 3000 approx

Duration : 90 mins

What is it :  The Skyendor range of facials are absolutely stunning. The Derma peel & Vitamin C facials( for dry skin)  give incredible results. Glycolic peels by O3 is great for acne prone oily skin.

Best suited for: Glycolic peel for acne prone oily skin and Vitamin C for dry skin


 Where its from: Chandni Singh Salon Delhi

Here's to a new and fabulous you!

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