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Want Radiant Skin On Your Wedding Day? Here's How To Get Your Pre-Bridal Glow On!

BY Latha Sunadh | 08 Jul, 2016

Everyone from your granny to your BFFs talk about how glowing you look with that twinkle in your eye and that ring on your finger. But somewhere between the engagement and the wedding, all of that glow vanishes, and with all that running around, you look tired, haggard and dull. How does one maintain skin health when you’re all over the place? Read on…


Everyday: Get the basics right

You have heard about 'eating well', 'drinking water' and exercising from every single person you know. But what does that even mean? The rules are simple: eat at least one green vegetable daily - from Romaine lettuce to methi to kale to even local spinach. Get your daily rounded diet: Include fruits and nuts, sufficient protein and colourful veggies. Eat tomatoes (good in lycopene), strawberries that come with antioxidants, eggs that give you hydration and firmness to almonds that boost vitamin E.

Every six weeks: A basic Vitamin C Facial

Follow a neat skin routine. With the basic cleanse-tone-moisturise routine, you also need a timeline for facials and other skin treatments. Lakmé Salon Beauty experts agree that you need to start on this a year in advance. Start with regular facials on a regular basis (every four to six weeks), the better. With consistent care, you’ll be less likely to experience the dreaded pre-wedding breakout, and you’ll stay rejuvenated throughout the wedding planning process.

 Try it out  :  Lakmé Insta-sheen Facial (Rs1750+ Taxes), which uses a vitamin C and potent complex to brighten and rejuvenate skin.

Every three months: Marine Body Glow

It’s easy to forget your body when all you are going after is your face. Your glowing face needs to match up to a beautiful body and that’s why investing in the body makes perfect sense. Opt for regular body massages and exfoliating treatments to keep it in tip-top shape. For a relaxing body treatment with positive skin effects, try the Marine Body Glow with Masque (Rs 3700+ taxes), which includes a body scrub and marine mud body mask. It relieves tension and stress and leaves skin impossibly smooth and touchable - perfect for a week before your d-day.

Try it out : Lakmé Marine Body Glow with Masque (Rs 3700+ taxes),


One time wonders: Special treatments to try

The usual facial is great but let’s not forget that every beautician has that one great facial that gets you up and going. Figure that one because it will help you get the pre-bridal glow on early and help you maintain it. At Lakmé Salon, try the Organic Radiant Glow Facial with Eye Treatment (Rs 3900+ taxes) that comes with gentle massaging motion and removes impurities better than a traditional face wash. The reason it works is because it preps skin to absorb moisturizers, serums and other treatment products better. The Lakmé Perfect Illuminate Facial (Rs 2300+ taxes) is another stellar treatment that hydrates to make skin look lustrous and vibrant. You could also try a  stress relieving body massage to beat those bridezilla tensions away. Not only will this help you relax, but will nourish and hydrate your body to further aid that elusive glow.

Try it out: Organic Radiant Glow Facial with Eye Treatment (Rs 3900+ taxes) & Lakmé Perfect Illuminate Facial  (Rs 2300+ taxes)

Finer details to take care of :

  • Try an air humidifier in your bedrooms at night so you wake up with hydrated skin especially a few weeks before your wedding.

  • Wash your hair and use a silk pillowcase to sleep. Why you ask? It helps keep your  hair and skin soft.
For treatments that will treat your skin just right and the right facials, go to your nearest Lakmé Salon
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