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India's Favourite Wedding Planning Platform

2 years 11 months ago

We booked this hotel in April for my sister's wedding in December.I think this was our biggest mistake.Spending a huge amount and not getting what was promised is the only thing that you would not want in your wedding. The number of last moment surprises(Read SHOCKS) that we got during our stay was endless. Some of them are: 1.The number of rooms booked in GT was 20 ,but we were allotted just 19.We only know how we adjusted our guests. 2.We were allotted all the rooms in the left wing of the Hotel and we planned our guest allocation as per the rooms allotted. But to our utter shock they had allotted some rooms in the left wing to their guests who for sure must be giving them a little more extra payment.....Professional attitude hahaha. 3. Welcome drinks promised was nowhere to be seen.After insistence the welcome drinks which is a Dhaba standard ....(Simple black orange soda) finally arrived. 4.They try to fleece from u at every point possible. 5.The manager Mr.Yadav is the worst person i have ever come across.He just doesn't care for guests.What he cares is about his Ego. Thinks highly of himself and is under a false impression that he will be able to take the Hotel to great heights with the kind of attitude he holds. 6.And the rot does not stem just at the GM level.Even the so caleed top boss Mr.Jagat was only interested in counting the cash. 7.They play their tie up with H Carlton (a hotel opposite them) to their own convenience.For things that suits them,they become part of the same company and for what does not suit them,they become "Independent" hotels. And what reinforced our perception about the hotel,that we are the unlucky ones that the marriage party checking in on the day of our check out was seen fighting precisely on the same points. i don't know how hotels like these get certificates from Tripadvisor.