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Fun New Carnival Games To Play on Roka, Sangeet & Wedding

BY Sakshi | 06 Oct, 2023 | 48386 views | 7 min read

With our country's latest Big Fat, "Small" Indian Wedding, aka, the ethereal nuptials of the effervescent Parineeti Chopra and her longtime beau, Raghav Chadha having recently come to a close, we'd be surprised if you weren't swooning over the overarching elegance and simplicity of the wedding festivities. In an unconventional twist of Bollywood marrying Politics, the two-day-long extravaganza surely portrayed the glint of easiness essayed by the much-in-love couple as individuals. 

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A post shared by @parineetichopra

Video Via: @parineetichopra and @raghavchadha88 

Redefining traditional norms and giving destination weddings an eclectic, stress-free twist, there's one pre-wedding fiesta that won all our hearts manifold. Letting go of the quintessential craze of dolling up, this star-couple ensured that their loved ones literally let their inner child out by indulging in some exciting carnival-resembling games and healthy competition between the ladkiwales and the ladkewalas! A trend that has recently surged in popularity, read on to know more!

5 New Carnival Games to Bookmark for Your 'I Do' Celebrations

Well, well! Having witnessed a stupendous rise, especially inculcated as a part of the pre-wedding gala's like the vibrant Mehndi or Haldi functions in this post-pandemic era, entertaining games elevate the barometer of merry-making and how! And with a lively anchor to host this charade, doesn't this idea just sound perfect? Gone are the days when the couple and their families were to observe incredulous formalities or societal notions. Literally uniting as one, here's how these carnival games lend a joyous charm and promote togetherness between both sides. 

Dishing out some major contemporary #shaadigoals, here are our top 5 recreational activities to incorporate at your pre-wedding events.

The Jaimala Aim

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A post shared by Anchor JK (Jay Karmani) (@anchor_jk)

Video Via: Anchor Jay Karmani 

Hosted by one of the leading wedding anchors of our country, this high-spirited game called Jaimala Aim is just what it stands for. Entering a beautiful chapter of your lives with your soulmate on a fun note, this game entails aiming the floral garland on your to-be spouse's head, but with a slight twist- you've got to do that from a distance. After all, love overcomes all barriers, doesn't it?

Break That Coconut

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A post shared by RROMIL MEHTTA (@romilrj)

Video Via: @romilrj 

High-strung on energy and some running, this one's definitely a fun Haldi entertainer! As the name suggests, both the bride and groom's side compete in a relay to determine the fittest team. Paying homage to the South Indian culture, each participant has to run, break a coconut, and pour its juice into the vessel kept in front of them. The team that has a higher count of the same wins! Our verdict- electrifying!

Fitness First- Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes

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A post shared by Anchor JK (Jay Karmani) (@anchor_jk)

Video Via: Anchor Jay Karmani 

Wish to shed off those festive calories or start the season on a fit note? (albeit those mouthwatering foods that we devour at weddings!)  Literally following these instructions as is or sometimes jumbled, all you've got to do is be alert and act accordingly in a playful manner. P.S. While this game may require some quick movement, we promise that this stem-winding activity will keep you rapt!

Drinking Antakshari

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A post shared by Anchor JK (Jay Karmani) (@anchor_jk)

Video Via: Anchor Jay Karmani  

Giving this eternal favorite game a unique twist, here's a chance to croon to the most popular Bollywood songs! High on spirits (pun intended), it is time to dance and sing your heart out, whilst making a member of the competitive team have some alcohol shots! Sounds mind-blowing, doesn't it?


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A post shared by Anchor Azhar Kazi (@anchorazharkaziofficial)

Video Via: @anchorazharkaziofficial 

Hold your breath, folks! Before jumping to conclusions, while this activity does include a raving classic dance battle between the bride and groom's side, there's more to what meets the eye! Inspired by the famous hook step challenge, it's time to improvise and innovate to make your carnival gala exceptionally special. With literal props kept in front of you, get ready for a race against time as you prepare to grab the related item and swivel to the beat as the peppy melody blasts from the speakers.

Chug Chug Chug

Image via Anushka and Danny

Now this is as perfect a game as it gets for the cocktail- it's a chugging face-off between two people, who will get your guests (and you) pretty happy high! Make two teams and let them chug it out!

Build Your Bae

Image shot by Hitched and Clicked★ 4.7  via Vivaha Wedding Solutions★ 5

We spotted this at a recent Roka we featured, and this game is basically like solving a puzzle, and the puzzle is for the bride to put together the groom's face and the groom, the bride's. Show everyone including the couple the chosen picture for 10 seconds each, and then they have to go ahead and complete the puzzle. The one who is faster, wins! Check out a whole post on this game here!

Giant Jenga

Image via Hemant and Preet

This is a game which everyone loves- right from the youngest to the oldest person in the room. Plus for the adults, this game is best played when high!

Personalised Word Search

Image via Pinterest

How cool is this, and such a fuss-free game too- make the bride and groom find as many wedding-y words as possible- the one who finds most the fastest is the winner!

The Shoe Game

Image via Radhika & Rohan

This is one of the most popular Sangeet games off late, and here is how you play it. The bride and groom are seated on chairs in the middle of the venue, back-to-back. Both the bride and groom remove their shoes and exchange one so that they are both holding one of each shoe. During the game, a series of questions are asked, and the answer is either "the bride" or "the groom." The bride and groom answer by holding up the shoe of the correct answer. The game usually lasts about 10 minutes with a series of 20-30 questions being asked.

Bollywood Shootout

Image via Recall Pictures★ 3.5

Now that is a fun game to play isn't it? Called Bollywood Shootout, you have to aim at villains with water guns to bring them down! Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

The Wheel Of Fun!

Image via Studio 29

You have some fun things written down on the wheel, which is rolled by someone, and every does whatever it says!

'Kaun Banega Celebrity'

Image via Recall Pictures★ 3.5

We spotted this at a recent wedding, and we think it's a very cool idea. This is like KBC, but about the couple! Everybody in the audience had remotes and they were all asked to vote - and the one who hets the most answers right, wins!

Handy Ring Game

Image via Recall Pictures★ 3.5

This one is also so new and interesting! A cool twist to the usual ring toss! It can really be fun, and makes for some crazy photos!

Two Truths And A Lie

Image via The A-Cube Project★ 4.8

This one can be a good icebreaker between the families of the bride and groom. Each guest has to say three statements about himself/herself. However, only two of these statements can be true. So obviously, one is a lie. Now, the rest of the guests get to vote to decide which statements are true. 

He Said, She Said

Image via Pinterest

Who said it is basically the aim of the game for the guests to guess. The goal of the game is to identify what statements we’re said by the bride or groom in the sheet or printout. 

Freeze Frame

Image via Ankita & Rajan

This one is about dancing, with a little twist. Queue the music and let everyone dance around and then pause the music all of a sudden. Just as this happens, everyone needs to freeze in the exact position. You can have someone to judge who can hold the most difficult freeze frame for the longest time.


Image via Vivek Krishnan photography★ 4.9

This one is a fun dancing game which gets tougher and tougher as the music progresses, with the stick or the rod getting lower and lower- people have to dance and cross below it without touching it! Anyone who falls or touches the ground with their hands is out.


Now, now! Raising the overall enthusiasm and elation around, are you ready to kickstart your festivities with a bang?


*Updated By Bhakti Parekh


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